My Breast Cancer Natural
Treatment Recovery Story

I found my breast cancer natural treatment as a result of getting breast cancer from EMF radiation poisoning. Here is my recovery story. Click here if you haven’t read Part 1 of how I developed breast cancer - to see what causes breast cancer and how YOU can avoid radiation breast cancer.

Along with my radiation poisoning symptoms, I had many symptoms of breast cancer - some I had even before I knew I had radiation poisoning. As I went along my recovery journey I paid very close attention to my breast cancer symptoms so I could tell what was helping and what was feeding the cancer. I go into great detail with my testimony so YOU can know what helps, what causes cancer and the many radiation (EMF) environmental factors that effect getting cancer and getting well from cancer. Here are my symptoms.

My Symptoms of Breast Cancer

My breast cancer first sign and early symptoms of breast cancer - even before the breast cancer rash came up, was one spot that itched occasionally. Then the rash popped up. Then the breast cancer lymph nodes could be felt - sometimes a dull ache and then other times there was a sharp pulsing of the lymph in the lymph nodes. This could be considered a mild breast cancer pain. The job of the lymph nodes is to assist in the attack, collection and removal of foreign invaders from the body, which in this case is cancer cells. It’s important during times of cancer to keep the lymph fluid moving (through exercise, movement, detox, noni juice, etc.), and to assist as much as possible in keeping the immune system strong and learning how to boost immune system. As I began recovering using breast cancer natural treatments, my breast cancer symptoms started slowly going away.

Through several months of observation, I noticed the itch and the pulsing lymph nodes to be activated by many things which were apparently activating the cancer cells. A few of these are: driving under very high power lines on the highway, driving near cell/microwave towers (probably the strongest of all), eating chicken, being near a cell phone (they emit radiation for about a 40-foot radius), eating soy protein isolates, being in the room with wireless routers or wireless house telephones (even when not in use), eating a lot of sugar, riding on my golf cart, being on the computer too long - just to name a few.

My Recovery

I first want to say that conventional or natural medicine is a choice. Because I have 32 years of natural health study, I was very confident my body would best respond to natural therapies that line up with God’s design of the body. And that is what I set out to research and find, and what I am now sharing with you.

For emergency first aid or crises care we, here in the U.S., have the best doctors in the world. However, if I had gone to a conventional doctor when my breast rash and other rashes popped up, here is what my treatment would probably have been - a cream for the other rashes (that contain steroids that damage the immune system, central nervous system and other organs), an immediate mastectomy (along with removal of lymph nodes which are key components of the immune system), chemo and radiation which tear the immune system down so far that many, if not most, people that die when they have breast cancer, die from the effects of the chemo, radiation and experimental drugs than they do the cancer. Also, the true source of my cancer would not have been sought or found causing almost certain demise. I also searched the conventional medical system for help with my radiation poisoning and found nothing - only doctors trained in applying radiation.

My Solution

God’s Word says ‘a curse (problem) without a cause cometh not’, which means bad things don’t happen without a reason. The breast cancer survival rate dramatically increases when the true cause is found and addressed. No matter what kind of health problem you have, the complete solution comes only after you have found and corrected the root cause of that problem.

The only exception is God’s miraculous healing. Sometimes God heals miraculously, sometimes He doesn’t provide that type of healing, but you will always benefit from lining up with His design of the body in supplying the cells of the body with what they need and protecting them from anything harmful. And even when God heals miraculously, health problems can return with the same or different symptoms if the cause is not addressed. I have a very close relationship with my Lord and Savior and talk to Him often. A couple or three months into my battle He told me He would heal me. Many times God heals us by leading us to the correct solutions. I also knew God wanted me to share my story to help others with non-toxic, natural solutions.

Eliminating the Causes of Breast Cancer and Radiation Poisoning

I knew how important it was to hit my health problems from all sides and be very consistent. The first part of my breast cancer natural treatment was to eliminate the cause. As you will continue to read, this took many months to accomplish. My body would get better then take another dive. So I would start searching and come up with yet another strong radiation source that was affecting me.

At the beginning, with the radiation being so bad, I knew I had one source that was much greater than all others - the zero-turn mower. With the presence of breast cancer and the accompanying radiation EMF hypersensitivity, I knew I had to eliminate, as much as possible, all radiation sources - electrical, magnetic, wireless and ionizing.

The next biggest source of radiation I found was my cordless house phones which radiate all thru the house all the time not just at the phone or when you are talking on them, and my broadband wireless internet. I went to corded phones with a speaker phone that I use most of the time. I later found, with a new meter I purchased that I even had to keep my distance from this as it was on my desk where I spend a lot of time and raised the electrical radiation for about four feet from it. We only have broadband in my area so I had to hard wire from the receiver to my computers and I had to unplug the system at night so the receiver doesn’t receive, which was on the roof - just above my bed. What I did find later with a wireless detector was that the router, though its wireless capability was turned off, still filled my computer room with wireless radiation. I had to replace it with a router without wireless capabilities.

Another source, of course, is the cell phone. Though I started using my speaker phone after the initial radiation poisoning, I found out later after purchasing the wireless detector that most cell phones, especially the older cell phones radiate for up to about 40 feet thru walls, cars and just about everything. In order to get well and stop the cancer growth in my head and on my neck, (which I could actually feel growing when using the cell phone), I had to give up my cell phone. I now carry it for emergencies only. I have found that some of the newer phones only radiate for about 1 1/2 - 2 feet from the phone so you can actually use the speaker phone with very little radiation to the head. See more info here:

This may seem like radical measures but breast cancer and any other cancer is serious stuff and you must be willing to make drastic lifestyle changes if you want to get well. For more info on lifestyle changes that reduce your cancer risk and that may help you find causes of cancer you already have, take my Livestyle Cancer Risk Test.
My detector showed the cell phone radiates during call use, when sending or recieving text messages and most have an occasional intermitten outgoing signal all the time unless turned off.

Currently the best and simplest to use wireless dectector is 'Acoustimeter' and 'Acousticom2' found here: The radiation detectors were vital for my recovery.

After I was significantly better, I went into a cell phone store with my daughter. I wasn’t inside more than a minute or two when I could tell the radiation was extremely high and started to feel some strong radiation symptoms including a thick head feeling (and similar to a magnet being inside the head and being pulled by a magnet on the outside of the head) and a pressure behind my right eye. I waited outside until time to check out, then was telling the clerk I didn’t see how they could work in there. I told him my zero turn mower story. He said his mom lived on a farm and had a zero turn mower. I told him to tell her not to be on it much and he said she didn’t use it anymore because her health was so bad - she got breast cancer! WOW, if people only knew!

I also had to stop riding my golf cart (engine is directly under the seat creating a magnetic radiation) and for a while my tractor. The tractor wasn’t as strong a radiation source because the engine is up front and farther from the drivers seat and is diesel, but still gave me radiation symptoms when I was at my worst (red across nose and itchy shins - and the lower part of my legs is where the bone cancer symptoms began). Another strong source was my weed eater and electric shrub trimmer. I had always taken care of my 12-acre farm myself but now had to hire it out and decided to sell and move to a smaller place. Another drastic measure - but just happy to be alive and feeling great!

For my computer I purchased a radiation screen to put on the monitor and EMF protection devices (Scalar Home Protection) Click here to visit EarthCalm, Inc. for the room (not a 100% solution but very helpful and has systems to help protect from computers, routers, personal pendants, cell phones, room plug-ins and much more). I also keep as much distance as possible between me and the hard drive - at least five feet.

Having done some prior study on radiation, I have always made sure there were no electrical sources near my bed including electrical wiring, electrical boxes in the wall, radios, a/c units, etc. However, after purchasing an electric meter, I found my lamp radiated for a few feet - even when turned off! I found this was due to my phone which was on the same bedstand. Once I disconnected both the phone and the lamp, then the lamp stopped emmitting electrical radiation..

Outside the home I looked for cell towers and high-power electric lines anywhere near the house and internet receivers which radiate even through the roof of the house from the dish. I put a circular piece of aluminum under the broadband receiver on the roof which stopped the radiation into the house. It's really important to check with detectors - sight is not always accurate. Wireless dishes and routers are not always on a tower - often unseen in the tops of buildings or neighbors houses. I have currently moved the broadband away from the house and put a metal dish between house and radio. So removing my electric, magnetic and wireless radiation sources was my highest priority and most important for healing. The next step of my breast cancer natural treatment was to focuse on restoring my body.

Restoring My Body

God designed a self-healing human body and God’s Word says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Self-healing occurs when the cells receive what they need and are void of harmful substances (including any kind of stress). Occasionally - but rarely - is the human body too damaged to bounce back when truly given all that it needs. Many have returned to health who were in their final stages of death. Never give up!

Be sure to read to the end to hear my final plunge with cancer and how I am finally back to great health!

I have chosen a very healthy lifestyle knowing we reap what we sow - even with our health. But I had to double-check my regimen and ‘kick it up a few notches’.

The two supplements I first found specifically for EMF radiation poisoning were spirulina (helps protect from the damage of radiation and works great if you take enough) and Lugol's iodine (important for prevention but usually low after EMR or any big stress and also powerful for relieving EMF sensitivity). It is also important to note that low levels of iodine are an important breast cancer risk factor. Don’t try to get your iodine from table salt. It is very toxic. Use sea salt or pink mineral salt and supplement with sea vegetables which is a natural source of iodine or Lugols. Later I found that curcumin also helps with radiation poisoning.

I added the mineral whose deficiency is most strongly related to breast cancer which is selenium and also zinc which supports the immune system.

As I mentioned above, I take noni juice daily for detox, immune system support, antioxidant benefit and many more benefits. More on this later and why the amount you take may be vital for recovery. To see what brands and other products I recommend most, just fill out the form below for my Resource List.

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I also use a plant derived paraben-free bioidentical progesterone cream (found at most health food stores called Emerita Pro-gest Body Cream). Natural progesterone balances estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is very common and causes cancer cells to grow rapidly. Most women on HRT will be estrogen dominant. Natural progesterone also helps with anxiety, insomnia, moodiness, water retention, PMS, menopause and much more. The most accurate way to test hormones is by a saliva test.

For my breast cancer natural treatment recovery I also took magnesium, coQ10, B-6, vitamin C and enzymes as basic immune support. Enzymes break down the cell wall of cancer cells allowing them to be zapped by the immune system and then digested. I never mega dose, especially when it comes to vitamins to boost immune system. The body was designed to properly utilize only what the cells need. When you add more than the cells can use, you are adding a substance that has to be removed (so is considered a toxin) and can possibly cause problems. Most supplements when given in excess actually weakens the immune system.

Too much stress is extremely harmful to the body and can cancel out a lot of good. It is a key breast cancer risk factor. I knew I had to give some things to God and just trust Him to take care of them. So just focusing on the things I could take care of and giving Him the rest helped to bring my stress level down. After all, as a Christian, the worst thing that could happen to me would be death on earth and eternally in heaven. Awesome! And I did make as many changes as I could to reduce my stress. This was a major factor in my breast cancer natural treatment.

The final change in lifestyle for my breast cancer natural treatment was to get back to more raw produce, whole foods and carotene rich foods which are very healing and a great immune system enhancer. Click here for more info on Vitamin A for cancer and here for beta carotene rich recipes. And though I consume very little animal products, I cut back even more. See ‘The China Project’ study which shows how animal products turn on cancer cells and plant protein turns them off.

Another Breakthrough

So, I retested three months later and was slowly improving but it was not fast enough for me. My next ‘find’ would grant me amazing results. I began studying biofeedback machines knowing they could help me correct my electromagnetic fields from the EMF radiation poisoning.

What I found was this could support and help me with all my health needs because correcting the EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) would support the body in being able to return the weakened abnormal tissue to normal - called homeostasis, and would also boost the immune system.

My research led me to choose the Ondamed for its ability to design body specific programs, ease of use and for its acceptance by the FDA and being strictly physics based. Since my purchase, the Ondamed has made its debut in Suzanne Somers’ book “Breakthrough” telling how it helped her with her health during her breast cancer recovery and to boost immune system. I am thrilled with this machine and though it was a large investment, it was a major contributor for helping me survive until I had eliminated all the radiation sources and found what gave me my next jump to vibrant health and I don't think I would have made it without the Ondamed constantly pointing my cells back to homeostasis. But read to the end to see how it assisted my bones in returning to health.

I now recommend an in-home PEMF mat for rebalancing the body's electromagnetic fields and which is simple to use and has only the natural bio-compatible frequenies . See more information here: #1 Selling PEMF Mat

Within one month of starting on a PEMF rebalancing device, my health had improved dramatically, and the lyme bacteria, radiation poisoning and breast cancer were significantly reduced - I felt great with a clear head, renewed energy and a positive clear mind - for the first time in months. Rebalancing the body's electromagnetic fields helps bring the body back to homeostasis - one step at a time! Remember, God designed our bodies with an electromagnetic field - specific frequencies for each organ, element, vitamins, heavy metals and microorganisms. These frequencies are altered in unhealthy tissue by many factors: radiation, improper nutrients, bad bacteria and parasites, presence of heavy metals, injury, unbalanced brain waves, etc. The Ondamed corrects these imbalanced frequencies bringing the body back to homeostasis - back to God’s original design of energy for the cells.

Big Hump in the Road

There was a point after using my Ondamed for a few weeks where my health had returned substantially. I had eliminated the radiation sources I knew of and had 'beefed up' my supplement regimen. But by December I was seeing signs of regression. When I went in for followup tests, I found my radiation levels were back up (this was before I purchased my detectors so I didn't know where all my radiation sources were and had been working on this website for long hours in a strong wireless radiation environment without knowing it) and my cancer was coming back (the two directly related I've found).

The most important factor I learned from my two year journey with electromagnetic radiation poisoning and cancer is that it is near impossible to get rid of cancer and remain cancer free unless your EMF radiation sources are eliminated or drastically reduced. Join the RSS Feed on my new website to gain more important information as I build it about how to protect your health from EMF's:

By January I could feel it growing in my head again and now my neck. Cancer of the parotid gland (salivary gland) on the neck and lymph nodes on the neck is associated with cordless and cell phone use, and so is leukemia and cancer in the head. More info here on cell phones and brain cancer. All the places that were previously weakened were turning into cancer.

Finally, I could feel cancer starting in my bones - and to be more specific - it started in my foot where I have metal pins from an earlier operation. I could actually feel electrical radiation activating the cancer cells in the area around the pins in my foot. Of course, electricity is drawn to metal. And so it began permeating all my bones.

Bone cancer can be a sign of stage 4 cancer so I knew I was in big trouble. Along about these last three months I purchased a wireless radiation detector and an electric/magnetic detector. As mentioned earlier, I found sources of all three types of radiation I didn't realize was in my environment - like the strong wireless radiation filling my computer room (and I had been working on this website for hours each day, for weeks). The detectors were vital to finding and eliminating all the radiation sources possible. Click Here for more on detectors I recommend. Now I needed God's intervention to regain my health. And He did! A lady called to invite me to a meeting and when I told her I couldn't make it because of my health, she told me to do an 'intensive noni protocol' to rebuild my health. So I did it. It was costly up front but not nearly as much as some path's I could have taken. And without side effects!

All I can really say is that I could hardly believe what the noni did in supporting my body's natural healing process. God works miracles in nature. More important was that hope had returned. I am extremely excited and amazed that a simple fruit God made for us could help me to regain my health so quickly (along with eliminating the EMF causes, of course). But that is what my website is all about - the powerful things God gave us in nature that support our body's natural design!

The word 'noni' actually means 'a gift from God' and that's exactly what He gave to me. Amen! And it's just food so can be used along with any treatments you use. You can fill out the box below to get the intensive noni protocol that was recommended to me and to find out what brand I use. This is very important as the one I use taste good (some noni's taste like vomit- yes, really!) and none are as potent as the one I use.

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Now I had to deal with the bone cancer. It continued to improve on the intensive noni protocol but after my other cancers were gone, I didn't have income and so couldn't afford to stay on the intensive protocol. After about three months, I found a frequency on my Ondamed that my body indicated it needed which was for streptococcus hemalytic. Application immediately started reducing the 'spiking' in my bones. The spiking is the indication of unhealthy tissue. After three weeks I could no longer locate unhealthy tissue in my bones. Retesting at four weeks showed my bone cancer was gone. God had given me key solutions for regaining my health - again! It's all about lining up with His natural design of the body so the body can heal itself. We are fearfully and wonderfully made!!! What does it need to be in health?! Be sure to visit my pages for 'Boosts Immunity' and 'Weakens Immunity' to find out more factors that build up and tear down the immune system. These are daily choices that make a dramatic difference in the strength of the immune system and ultimately YOUR health.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

I still have electromagnetic hypersensitivity from my EMF radiation poisoning from the high-powered zero-turn lawn mower, but in a way that is a blessing because it helps me to identify when I am in a strong EMF exposure location. If I don't watch my exposure to EMF's, the cancer symptoms return and in fact, when I'm in a strong wireless radiation environment, I can feel the cancer spots reactivating - NO QUESTION! But I have also been able to improve on the electromagnetic hypersensitivity and strengthen my immune system with EarthCalm products especially the Home EMF Protection System. I tried several top EMF protection products and found the EarthCalm to be the most effective BY FAR. It will not make up for being in a bad EMF environment - you still have to reduce those down, but helps to strengthen my body's good EMF's and helps to neutralize and repair some of the damage. For more information go to my EarthCalm page.

Home EMF Protection System - just plug it in... doesn't even use electricity and doesn't wear out!

Why Me?

I have learned many wonderful things because of my radiation poisoning - where my risks are that effect my health on a daily bases, how powerful radiation is to form cancer cells, how precious and fragile life on earth is, how important and hopeful eternal life is and now - how to help other people. In my quest to find breast cancer natural treatments for myself, my hope and prayer is that my story will help you with prevention, renewed health and eternal blessings. I also help people in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, whether its with EMF sensitivity, cancer, lyme or other imbalances - but ONLY in rebalancing the body's electromagnetic fields which is the foundation for health. I don't treat disease!

Please remember that my lifestyle probably incorporated most of the information on this website plus more and that I caught my cancer early. The things noted here in My Radiation Poisoning and Breast Cancer Natural Treatment Story will benefit anyone's health regardless of if they choose natural or conventional medicine, however, each person is unique in their circumstance and will need to be in charge of selecting their own specialized programs. What I did may not be enough for others. I am not recommending what I shared here as anyone’s sole therapy.

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