Supplements,Tools and Vitamins to Boost Immune System Naturally

This list of powerful supplements, tools and vitamins to boost immune system naturally has been compiled after research and trial during my year and a half battle with 6 different cancers and radiation poisoning and, because cancer is the top immune system disease affecting our population today, a special section lists a few supplements that have been studied and proven effective for this issue.

vitamins to boost immune system

The best supplements and vitamins to boost immune system come from whole foods which are in their most bioavailable form, or plant source products that are known for their therapeutic effects.

For more information on each supplement/vitamin and how it helps to boost immune system or has been scientifically studied and found to affect cancer cells, plug in each supplement at to see clinical studies showing how they help the body.

How Supplements and Tools Boost Immune System:

  • By protecting healthy cells to stay strong and unaltered by toxins
  • By killing and/or eliminating unhealthy cells
  • By killing microorganisms and parasites that weaken the immune system
  • By improving the efficiency of the immune system so it can better protect the body
  • By providing the cells with what they need to function correctly. When the cells function correctly, the organs function correctly and on and on – the body functions as a whole
  • By detoxing the body in general so it can be a ‘clean running machine’

Supplements and Vitamins to Boost Immune System:

  • Noni – Noni is a fruit God made for us that has very special health benefits. This is #1 on my list because of the dramatic affect it has on the immune system – even those severely damaged or weakened. It boosts the immune system in several ways. The reason noni is so powerful to boost immune system is because it does all on the list above – plus more. But these two points are crucial for effectiveness: (1)The amount you take must match the level of support your body needs, and (2)the quality is extremely important (the processing, potency, flavor, harvesting, crop location, alkalinity and more). If I could only take one of all these supplements and vitamins to boost immune system – it would be this one! Request my ‘Intensive Noni Protocol’ and brand I use below.
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  • Spirulina - A very powerful water plant with multiple benefits for the immune system. It provides an excellent source of carotenes extremely beneficial for immune system that are imperative for proper immune functioning, helps to correct defective DNA which turns into cancer cells, helps to correct bone marrow functioning, the most powerful on this list of supplements and vitamins to boost immune system which also helps to protect against emf radiation damage in our environment (a rapidly increasing problem for our immune systems), reduces inflammation of the cells which is known to turn healthy cells into cancer cells, helps correct autoimmune responses, stimulates all components of the immune system, helps detox the body, and much more. See more studies at and UC Davis Health Study.
  • Enzymes - removes the covering from mutated, diseased cells and bad bacteria so the immune system can destroy them, speeds up chemical reactions necessary for every bodily function including healing, reduces pain and inflammation, enzyme protease boosts immune response, fights infection (including yeast), removes carcinogens from cells, prevents free radical damage. Extremely important for pancreatic problems and digestive problems, studies show they shrink tumors, give allergy relief. Found in raw food only - not cooked. Supplement is most needed when eating cooked or pickled food and for extra cleaning in the body. The two most important enzymes that remove the covering from cancer cells so the immune system can destroy them are protease and pancreatic enzymes.
  • Probiotics - have a profound influence on your health and benefits the immune system in a number of ways, detoxifies offensive material before they mutate healthy cells, high levels of good bacteria keep out bad bacteria, help stabilize/regulate calcium in the cells, help digest peptides that cause plaque in the brain (symptom of Alzheimer’s), support healthy bowels hence helping with detox, kills yeast (especially when combined with B6), produce enzymes for vitality and immune system functioning. Potency and variations of different bacteria are important when choosing a good brand. Many antagonists destroy good bacteria therefore consume daily supplements.
  • Multiple vitamin/mineral/phytonutrient - an excellent multiple is an easy way to insure you are getting the minimum of most nutrients at once. If you are really low in even one nutrient it can cause serious health problems and a weak immune system . Look for one that has plant source vitamins and plant source minerals and is standardized - and there are not many on the market. Many multiple vitamin/mineral supplements on the market will actually weaken the immune system because of the unnatural nutrient sources. See my recommendation on 'Resource List' below.
  • Beta glucan - a complex polysaccharide that enhances the activities of macrophage causing them to react aggressively against threats foreign to your body, helps in recognition of ‘self’ which prohibits autoimmune symptoms such as inflammation, induces macrophage-mediated destruction in malignant lesions, anti-tumor activity, speeds the healing process, food sources are in barley, oats, reishi mushrooms
  • Coenzyme Q10 - significantly increases immunoglobulin (IgG) which increases immune function, oxygenates the cells causing unfavorable condition for bacteria, viruses and cancer cells, reverses atrophy of the thymus gland (a very important immune system gland), prevents or reverses age related immunosuppression, helps protect the heart from damage caused by chemotherapy and cholesterol lowering drugs, shrinks tumors, supplies the high energy needed for optimal immune function, one of the top nutrients of vitamins to boost immune system, food sources are dark green vegetables, alfalfa, barley grass, beans, nuts
  • Vitamin C - this most popular of vitamins to boost immune system increases production of lymphocytes, interferon levels, antibody responses and levels, secretion of thymic hormones and glutathione levels, needed to replace deficits consumed by infection and during increased stress (both physical and mental), reduces cancer cell buildup, protects the cells against harmful effects of pollution, viral and bacterial infections, enhances wound repair, increases life expectancy, antioxidant effect, good food sources are citrus, peppers, tomatoes, kiwi, potatoes
  • B complex - Known as the stress vitamins to boost immune system - extra is needed for a high stress lifestyle – and usually extra B-1. Affects all aspects of the immune system particularly the functioning of the thymus gland which is vital for boosting immune system. Best food source is whole grains, nuts, beans.
  • Magnesium - Deficiencies are extremely common in the U.S. Relaxes and calms body systems thus reducing the harmful effects of stress, helps with restful sleep patterns, gentle colon detox and colon cleaning which moves toxins out of the body, relaxes blood vessels which lowers blood pressure, critical for energy production, deficiency increases cancer cell growth, many different benefits to boost immune system. Consult with physician before taking if you have or suspect kidney disease. Best supplement forms are malate and citrate. Good food sources are nuts, grains, green leafy
  • Zinc - a top mineral of supplements and vitamins to boost immune system, regulates T-cells and helps create enzymes that ‘punch holes’ in cancer cells and viruses, protects against free radical damage, speeds healing mechanisms. Stress depletes zinc and cow’s milk binds zinc which suppresses immunity. Zinc is required to activate vitamin A - a key nutrient to boost immune system, too much or too little suppresses immune system. Best food sources are pumpkin and sunflower seeds, whole grains, peas and beans.
  • Selenium - affects all components of the immune system including the development and expression of all white blood cells (especially a natural killer cell which attacks cancer cells and microorganisms), stimulates proper functioning of thymus gland, involved in production of thyroid hormone, increases ability of lymphocytes to kill tumor cells, enhances the expression of interleukin-2, produces a blood protein that fights bacteria and viruses, antagonistic to heavy metals. Our soil levels are depleted so be sure it’s in your multiple, and if your immune system is weak you may need to supplement- too much or too little suppresses immune system. Good food sources are nuts, whole grains, seeds, garlic.
  • Chlorophyll - promotes healing reaction in cells and has carotenes which build white and red blood cells, helps to achieve alkaline pH, excellent for detoxing (even heavy metals) and purifying the blood, carries oxygen to the cells, assists with healing mechanisms, transmits the energy from the sun into our bodies, reduces body odor. A great source is juice from alfalfa.
  • Supplements and Vitamins to Boost Immune System with Scientific Studies Showing Specific Affects on Cancer Cells:

    Anyone wanting to help prevent cancer or those already experiencing cancer cell dominance may benefit from the supplements and vitamins to boost immune system found above and also the following which have clinical studies relating to cancer cells:

    • Melatonin - This is a hormone, not technically one of the vitamins to boost immune system that is manufactured from serotonin will boost immune system and according to studies can inhibit (both the initiation and promotion) several types of cancers, particularly hormonally related cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer. It is reduced by fluoride, MSG, aspartate (as in aspartame sweetener), low B12 levels and EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure. It plays a key role as timekeeper of hormone secretion and helps control periods of sleepiness and wakefulness. Release of this hormone is stimulated by darkness and suppressed by light. Sleep in a dark room and only take melatonin at night before sleep. Supplementation should be with sublingual type and not taken after deficiency is corrected.
    • Iodine - a deficiency is associated with increased breast cancer cells and thyroid inadequacies, enhances capacity of white blood cells to kill pathogens, B6 and selenium is needed for proper absorption, helps regulate estrogen levels (which promote cancer cell growth), helps detox heavy metals, improves wound healing, necessary for proper functioning of the thyroid which is vital to boost immune system. Caution: high doses and iodide can halt the thyroid’s natural hormone production. Best food sources are some seafood and sea vegetables which you can get in capsules.
    • Vitamin D3 - new research available on how this one of vitamins to boost immmune system keeps macrophages patrolling throughout the body, also builds healthy bones and teeth, reduces inflammation, higher intake associated with lower colon cancer rates, shown to inhibit multiplication of cancer cells, best source is from the sun a few minutes each day but some may need supplementation.

    Yes! You Need More Than Supplements, Tools and
    Vitamins to Boost Immune System

    Supplements, tools and vitamins to boost immune system naturally are just one aspect to consider in building a healthy immune system. See ‘Factors to Boost Immune System’ and ‘Factors That Weaken Immune System’ for many important choices you make every day that affect your immune system. And to get a simple ‘Game Plan’ go to ‘Five Step Plan on How to Boost’ Immune System.

    Also go to the products tab in and read about the AO Scan that is getting the BEST health results of anything I've used!

    Nothing heals the body – the body heals itself when provided with what it needs!

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