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Detox is a must for boosting your immune system. Though you won’t consider it fun, it is the bridge you cross that takes you to a vibrantly healthier body.

Basically, it means cleaning out anything in your body the cells don’t need in order to function. And the cells are ‘clean freaks’, functioning very best when no toxins are present. Regular cleansing means the immune system has less work to do and fewer battles to fight leaving it in a stronger state to fight the important battles.

Lets look at some cleansing Symptoms, Cautions, Gentle Colon Cleansers and the two types of Detox discussed on this page:

  • ‘Lifestyle Change Detox’ which comes automatically when we make healthy changes to our diet and supplements, and

  • ‘Targeted Detox’ where you are deliberately cleansing targeted areas of the body such as a colon cleanse.

Detox Symptoms

Some cleansing reaction symptoms are nausea, diarrhea, constipation (especially in the case of heavy metals), headaches, rash, itching, fever, weakness, feeling tired, cold or flu-like symptoms, blurred vision, and many others depending on what type of toxins you have in your body.

Lifestyle Change Detox

A cleansing reaction comes naturally when we begin a new healthy lifestyle with a great natural diet and supplements.

Warning - Adding excellent food and supplements to your body may make you feel bad! Yes, it’s true, you usually - but not always - have bouts of feeling a little worse for a short while before you feel better when you add great nutrients to your cells.

It’s like remodeling your house. When you start tearing out the old junk, it looks much worse for a little while. Then step by step it starts looking better until one day it looks great! And that’s a lot like how your body rebuilds and renews when you improve your diet and add needed supplements to it.

Not everyone feels bad at first when they add excellent food and supplements. Some - especially those that are really sick - will just start feeling better right away. And sometimes the cleansing reaction comes later or intermittently.

So here’s what happens. Let’s use raw food as an example. Remember from ‘Immunity Boosters’ page that raw food has enzymes that remove the covering from bad bacteria, cancer cells and other foreign matter so the immune system can destroy and remove it. So when you add raw food to your diet, you will have a lot of garbage that is ready to exit the body. But as it exits, it must go back thru the blood, liver, colon, etc. to get out of the body. This is what makes you feel bad. It’s like you have to poison yourself all over again to get those toxins out. (Remember this at the point where you are about to put the toxins in! :).

Another example would be the supplement fruit drink noni that kills bad bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. As those toxins exit you may have diarrhea for a short time. The diarrhea is actually good at this point (drink lots of water so you don’t dehydrate) because it is a steady stream of toxins making their way out.

Targeted Detox

Though our body was designed to cleanse automatically, it can’t keep up with the massive amounts of toxins that go into our bodies every day. Some of the many toxins that affect our health come from our water, medications, refined and junk food, sodas, alcohol, heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, parasites, bad fats and even supplements that are not used by the cells.

It is vital for a healthy immune system and to prevent disease, to regularly cleanse your body. There are many body systems that benefit from a targeted detox program including colon, liver, kidney and bladder, lung, lymphatic, blood and even skin.

It is very important to do a gentle colon cleanse before starting any other cleansing program or new supplements so the exiting debris can get out as quickly as possible. If the colon is backed up and sluggish the newly dislodged toxins that can’t get out will now cause extra problems in your system. So you will want to do a colon cleanse before any other body cleanse. And, YES, there are many benefits of a colon cleanse,probably helping overall health more than anything else you can do.

BEST Gentle Colon Cleansers

Noni is a very good colon and whole body cleanser that helps you detox from anything (even addictions) more comfortably. It can be taken in combination with your new diet and supplements to make the transition easier (even helps reduce cravings). And noni will make your other targeted cleanses easier.

Along with boosting the immune system, noni has many wonderful health benefits. When my mom started on the noni her bowel movements became like mud for a few days. After just 2-3 weeks on the noni she had a colon test that showed her polyps were gone that had been on a previous colon test she had taken. Noni is one of God’s special plants that has more than 2000 years of documented health giving properties. For more information on noni and the most potent best tasting brand at wholesale prices, request my noni info below:

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Another gentle colon cleanser - excellent for constipation because it moves the bowels - is magnesium and it has many great side benefits such as restful deep sleep (take one hour before bedtime), lowered blood pressure and calming stress relief.

Probiotics are another gentle colon cleanser - also excellent for constipation because it adds to overall bowel health - and helps keep the right balance of friendly bacteria in the colon which is vital for great health and a strong immune system. The average American has 80% bad bacteria and 20% good bacteria. For excellent natural health you need to have 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria. In order to maintain this balance you will need to supplement daily with a live culture probiotic supplement.

These gentle colon cleansers are usually enough when you’re also consuming a great diet with high-fiber plant food and very little junk food, but some people may need to progress to a stronger colon cleanse or colonics.

After a colon cleanse, the next best cleanse is a liver cleanse with milk thistle, dandelion or fresh raw juice which includes beets. Everything that goes in the body is filtered through the liver so it is very important to keep this organ clean and healthy. Too many toxins in the liver can damage it, cause decreased functioning, other health problems or even lead to death.

Detox Caution!

Caution - if you have a heavy toxic load and/or have some serious invaders in your body, you will want to cleanse more slowly. You do this by gauging and controlling the speed at which you add the good stuff and detoxifying agents. If you start having really bad cleansing symptoms, just back off the good stuff and give your body time to clear out some of the garbage. Then increase again and do this process until you feel great and have no more cleansing reactions. And that is exactly what will happen.

YOU are the one responsible for detoxing your body safely. Start all supplements and cleansing programs with the smallest dose until you see how your body will react. Then increase gradually up to what you need.

In rare instances, it is possible for the liver to get so overloaded with exiting garbage that it will shut down. One of the symptoms of this is white or very light colored stools or becoming jaundiced - yellow skin color especially around the eyes. If this happens, stop all new lifestyle changes including added supplements and cleansing agents until the colon and liver has had time to expel all released toxins and all symptoms have subsided.

Obviously, this is not a sign you shouldn’t be adding excellent food and supplements but that you really need them. If you leave the trash in your body, you are on a miserable road to serious disease.

Always consult your health care provider if you feel your body is in trouble. Find one that is trained in detoxing since this is an important ongoing process to keep your body healthy.

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