A Natural Health Coach...
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Karen, Natural Health Coach

As a Natural Health Coach and Teacher my greatest passion in life is seeing people get well using natural non-toxic solutions just like God gave them to us. Natural health solutions to boost the immune system are simple, usually less expensive (especially in the long run), and without side effects (while encouraging detox) and I have also found them to be most effective and to lead to true health and healing.

I have spent my whole life studying, experimenting and teaching about this simple way to true health. I am not only elated by the victories I’ve seen, but am constantly encouraged each time I educate myself on a new topic and see it in action. God has given us everything in nature we need for abundant life.

This website is designed to give you many resources you can use to help boost your immune system naturally. The immune system is the most important system God gave us to achieve and maintain optimal health but must be strengthened. No matter how sick or how well you are, and no matter what method of health care you choose - you can always benefit from the information on this website to boost your immune system. When we stick close to God’s design for our health - there is amazing hope!

As a Natural Health Coach, I teach from a biblical perspective always checking to see that things line up with God’s natural design of the body, with what He designed in nature and His Holy Word. It’s hard to believe natural things are so powerful and simple - but they are!

Great health and a strong immune system does not come by accident. We must take responsibility, gain knowledge and take action - all out purposeful action - daily. It is my prayer that you will prosper and be in health - even as your soul prospers. And I know this website will help you to achieve that.

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My Mission

Proverbs 24:11 Deliver those who are drawn toward death and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.

My Studies

I have studied and taught natural health for more than 30 years. Special studies have been as Counselor of Natural Health under Dr. Joel Robbins, as a Health Minister with Hallelujah Acres along with special natural food preparation studies, as Certified Ondamed Practitioner with Ondamed, a PEMF Technology combined with Pulse Biofeedback (strictly physics version and registered with the FDA), and a Certified Professional Health Coach graduate of Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc. Health Coach Training Program.

Natural Health Coach Service

Coaches close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. For information on my personal one-on-one Natural Health Coach program packages, request info here:

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