My EMF Radiation Poisoning
Recovery Story

This is my story of how I got breast cancer from electromagnetic radiation poisoning and how I found natural treatments based in nature to bring me back to health. Learn what you need to do to protect yourself from this life threatening exposure. Radiation breast cancer happens more often than we know and is completely avoidable.

Being exposed to high levels of environmental radiation not only causes mild to severe health problems, but also leaves most people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which is a reaction you get thereafter from being around electric, magnetic wireless and ionizing fields.

Around the first of March 2008, I began mowing my property with my new high-powered zero turn lawn mower. I have 12 acres and decided - with such a beautiful cut - to mow all 12 acres with this mower, even my hay pastures to get them started out for the year. Within a couple of weeks of using it several hours per week, I noticed a rash on my lower back and then the back of my neck which started at the base of my head and went down my neck. This rash was not as much itchy as it was sensitive, red and raw feeling. I had never had a rash like this before. After only another week or so, a rash popped out on my right breast. I also developed a rash from my jaw bones on either side down the sides of my neck.

When the rash on my breast did not go away in a few days, I knew it was not to be taken lightly. I set up an appointment and went in April for tests that showed I had breast cancer and dangerously high levels of radiation. Radiation poisoning causes cancer and is one of the many factors of what causes breast cancer.

In my 32 years of studying natural health I had spent very little time on radiation poisoning but did own a gauss meter which measures electromagnetic fields. Click for more info on wireless and electric/magnetic detectors. I started testing everything in my environment but could not figure out where I was getting that much radiation. In the last few days of April, soon after my tests, I mowed one last time. When I went in the house I noticed a rash, just like my other rashes, had popped out just above my sternum. I grabbed my gauss meter and went to test my mower. Sure enough, it very quickly maxed out my gauss meter showing it had a much higher electromagnetic field than was measurable by my meter. The engine is directly behind the seat causing the rash on the lower back and my new studies show there are loops that generate out of electromagnetic fields which explain the rash on the back of my neck as another major ‘point of entry’.

Radiation Breast Cancer

Radiation poisoning damages the nucleus of the cells causing them to very easily turn into cancer cells. We must be aware of our exposure to radiation when it comes to breast cancer and prevention.

My body was maxed out with radiation. My immune system went to a lifetime low. I was told the rash on my breast is a sign of a very fast growing cancer. I knew I had to put everything I had into getting well - and, in fact, that God had given me this trial so I could learn and help others with their health - my passion in life.

In January I found, thru live blood cell analysis, that even though I had no symptoms, I had a very heavy infestation of lyme bacteria in my body. Until my radiation poisoning, I felt great all the time at 52 years and even with more than my share of stress. The radiation weakened my body and especially my immune system causing cancer cells to form and allowing the lyme bacteria to multiply even more. So, with the radiation poisoning, cancer and lyme I had three major problems to deal with.

My EMF Radiation Poisoning Symptoms

Some of my symptoms of radiation poisoning were:

  • several rashes almost like a sunburn only slightly bumpy, very sensitive to touch, slightly itchy, very tingly
  • a red glow above eyebrows and bridge of the nose
  • a rash which is different from the others and went from my temple out onto my cheek bone (on the phone side of my head)
  • a hypersensitivity to all radiation - electrical, magnetic, wireless/microwave and ionizing
  • during peak electromagnetic exposure, when I was about to fall asleep, at the point where you ‘push’ yourself into a sleep stage, I experienced a very bright startling flash of light that seemed like an electrical shock in the brain and my body would jerk from the ‘jolt’. This occurred for a few weeks then dissipated as the radiation left my body
  • really severe brain fog - which I still get on a much smaller scale when I am around wireless technology
  • stroke-like symptoms where the right side of my body was weak (lasted several months) and twice my brain seemed to ‘take a vacation’ for 3-4 hours - very scary
  • depression and a very hopeless feeling
  • eyesight seriously declining
  • very rapid heartbeat
  • tiny hard bumps that came up following a slight sensitive sensation on my arms (initially with the mower radiation and continued to re-erupt from hypersensitivity to wireless phone and computer router radiation until I eliminated them from my environment)
  • a growing pressure behind my right eye

Click HERE to read about what I did to help my body recover from the radiation poisoning as well as the radiation breast cancer and lyme disease. Breast Cancer Symptoms listed here also.

Check out support and information on EMF Protection equipment here such as detectors, safe setup and shielding devices:

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