Boost Your Immune System Naturally Starting Today!

The strength of your immune system is the most powerful and important factor for your health! The weaker it becomes, the higher your risk of disease, poor health and even death. It is the major defense system of your body.

Boost Your Immune System

No matter what state your immune system is currently in, whether you just need to boost your white blood cells, gain more energy or want to totally take charge of your health, this website is packed with powerful factors that will help you to achieve those goals. And if you are facing severe health challenges right now, I want you to know there is hope. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and the potential for recovery is astounding.

Great Health is not by Chance!

Have you been led to believe that disease and poor health are hereditary or ‘just happens’? According to The China Project, the largest and most comprehensive study ever done relating diet and lifestyle to disease, heredity was a very small factor for disease - and ‘just happens’ didn’t happen in this study. The study shows that although our genetic heritage may dispose us to certain diseases, diet and lifestyle factors are largely able to control whether these genes ever lead to disease.

YOU are the Missing Link

It’s important to understand that the design of the human body was created to function perfectly when certain conditions are met. These are God’s natural laws. Everything He designed operates under the law of ‘sowing and reaping’, ‘cause and effect’. Your immune system has very specific needs you must meet in order to be strong.

Do you remember when doctors were telling their heart patients not to eat avocados because they were bad for your heart? Now we know avocados are good for your heart, immune system and to help prevent disease. Of course! God made the avocado for food (see Gen. 1:29) so it can’t be bad for you. More than 30 years of studying natural health has consistently proven this simple formula of looking at God’s natural resources for health to be most effective for optimal health and healing.

Everyone Can Benefit

Whether you use conventional treatments or all natural, and battling serious health problems or just trying to eliminate recurring colds, allergies and infections, you will greatly benefit from boosting your immune system. The natural health factors you will learn about on this website are basic, simple, natural, effective and are not harmful to your body.

The immune system becomes weak because of two primary influences: Things missing that are needed and things present that are harmful. These influences will be addressed on this website and may be found in the following lifestyle categories:

Healthy Food to Boost Your Immune System
  • Diet - supplies the cells of the body with what they need to function properly
  • Detox - heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and by-products of a sluggish colon confuse and undermine our cells
  • Stress - emotional or physical (including pain) releases a harmful chemical in the body and is dominant over all good habits
  • Rest - is when the body repairs itself and must be plentiful
  • Supplements - vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc. when properly chosen can help you reach your health goals faster, take you farther and make up for chosen or ‘unchosen’ shortcomings
  • Emotions - leave a ‘footprint’ on your health (i.e. unforgiveness tears down, tranquility builds up)
  • Exercise - activates the lymph system for proper functioning plus much more
  • Environment - should be non-toxic and peaceful
  • Energy - must be a result of true natural health and not from stimulants

Bottom line is you need to know what boosts the immune system and what weakens it and then incorporate as many of those factors as possible into your lifestyle. Then watch your health soar to new levels. And it doesn’t matter if your immune system is underactive (weak) or overactive (auto immune symptoms), proper functioning eliminates both.

Where to Start?

Explore it all, but please be sure to read ‘Detox is Important!’ so you will understand the cycles your body goes thru as you make healthy lifestyle changes.

My best suggestion is to start simple but strong by adding beta-carotene rich food (discussed in 'Immunity Boosters' and ‘Healthy Recipes’) and targeted whole-food supplements (like chlorophyll from alfalfa you can find at your local health food store). These will supply the body with what it needs to create a new army of white blood cells quickly. These white blood cells are a critical part of the overall defense of the body.

So lets get started building A NEW YOU!

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