EMF Radiation Protection For Your
Immune System

EMF radiation protection is necessary for almost everyone wanting to protect their immune system in today’s environment.  You may be so used to the smog you live in these days created by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that you’re not noticing how it’s impacting your immune system. You may not realize that your constant exposure to EMFs is putting your immune system at risk.

Each new wireless device you begin using, each new cell tower erected near your home or office, each additional hour you spend on your cell phone—all are putting a stress on your immune system.  EMF radiation protection can help boost immune system naturally and lessen the impact of electric, magnetic and wireless radiation. 

The Impact of EMFs on YourImmune System

Briefly, here’s what happens when EMFs enter your body: 

  1. Your body sees them as an “enemy”, which immediately creates subliminal stress in your nervous system
  2. This stress begins to shut down the flow of blood and oxygen to all except your major organs like your brain and heart.
  3. All systems that aren’t necessary for fight or flight—including your immune system and your digestion--are slowed down.
  4. Your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels all increase.
  5. Cells that are impacted harden their outer walls, making it hard for nutrients to enter them and toxins to be released.

Furthermore, EMFs have been shown to break DNA strands and interfere with cell functioning by knocking ions out of your cells. This causes a deficiency in calcium, lithium and potassium.

All of these processes erode your immune system—and sets you up for an immune deficiency disease down the road.  

Immune Deficiency


Increasing numbers of people are seeing doctors these days for chronic exhaustion, ongoing infections, and a general complaint of just feeling awful. Many different diagnoses are given to what these people suffer from, such as fibromyalgia and Lyme disease—but perhaps one of the most common ones in recent years is Immune Deficiency.


The term “immune deficiency” may mean something different for each person using the term, but generally it means that the immune system’s ability to fight infectious disease is compromised or entirely absent. Immune deficiency may also decrease the body’s ability to fight cancer cells.


Why Isn’t Everyone Immune-Deficient?


You may wonder, since we’re all in this electromagnetic smog together, why everyone isn’t immune-deficient. The truth is those people who are not yet experiencing immune system problems probably will be at some point down the road.


It has to do with how strong your immune system is to begin with and the magnitude of how much EMF/RF radiation there is in your environment - past and present. People with strong and healthy immune systems generally are not so obviously affected at this point by exposure to EMFs. The impact of the gradual erosion of their immune system isn’t showing up yet.  The sooner you start addressing the EMFs with EMF radiation protection and reducing the fields in your environment, the more you can protect your immune system.


But those who already have a compromised immune system due to illness or electromagnetic sensitivity have a harder time. They’re the “canaries in the coal mine”, giving us warning of a danger that not everyone can feel at this point.  EMF radiation protection is very important for the immune compromised or those with EMF sensitivity – or even just those with excessive amounts of EMF radiation in their environment.


It’s almost impossible to get away from EMFs. And it’s smart to reduce the EMF/RF fields you have control over. But thankfully, you can learn about EMF radiation protection here: EMFRestore.com

Don’t wait till your immune system has been seriously compromised to add EMF radiation protection—protect yourself today, reduce EMFs in your environment, and help prevent illness down the line!

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