You Need to Know
What Causes Cancer

Why do you need to know what causes cancer? Because everyone has cancer cells in their body. Yes, even you. It’s important to know why a healthy cell becomes a cancer cell which then reproduces more cancer cells. Then you can learn how to minimize this process which will prevent and reverse cancer cell dominance.

So what causes a cell to become a cancer cell and what part does the immune system play? Cancer is probably one of the most feared words on earth, more appropriately... in the English language, because the U.S. is at the top of the charts for deaths from cancer. But death from cancer is, in most cases, as preventable as most other health problems. And you will find that many of the factors that address cancer cells also address many other health problems.

Because we all have renegade cells (cancer cells) in our body, your main focus should be to keep those to a minimum. They are only a problem when they start building up and becoming dominant.

So what causes cancer?

Here is what causes cancer in a simplified nutshell - A cell becomes a cancer cell (called cell mutation) when it loses its God-given programming. This cell no longer knows what its specified job is in the body and doesn’t know when to die. (The DNA - or brain - of the cell is damaged.) So it lives forever (unless you take action to shut it down) robbing your energy, getting in the way of normal cells and reproducing many, many more renegade cells. So keep reading to find lists of factors that 'Boost Immune System' and factors that 'Weaken the Immune System' so you can gain control over your cancer risk. On to the next question... But Why?

Why does a cancer cell lose its God-given programming? In order for a healthy cell to become a cancer cell it has to become stressed... weakened. And then stressed some more. We have an amazingly designed self-healing body but it can only take so much then its almost as if it gives up because of all the stress and ‘loses its mind’. (We can relate to that, right?)

Sometimes weakened cells are passed down from our parents, but according to the ‘China Project Study’ even then the cell doesn’t become a cancer cell unless the conditions are right - or wrong - we should say. Usually it takes several different factors all going wrong at the same time to make that transition to a cancer cell (and every factor counts when you’re trying to reduce or keep your cancer cells to a minimum), but there are usually one or two factors that are more dominant that sets you on that down-hill spiral.

It’s the job of the immune system to quickly clean out cancer cells and remove them from the body as soon as they are identified as ‘renegade’. It is also the job of the immune system to remove foreign invaders (carcinogens and anything identified as ‘not self’) which stress the healthy (or already weak) cells. So you can see how important the immune system is for preventing cancer cell dominance. Extremely!

The immune system is the system God designed within the body to maintain optimal health, whether fighting cancer or other health problems. But if you overload it by consuming toxins, exposing it to external toxins, weakening healthy cells by not providing nutrients, water, oxygen, etc., engaging in excessive stress, holding grudges, etc. - THE BATTLE WILL BE LOST!

Now that you know what causes cancer and how important the immune system is for protection, head on over to ‘Weakens Immunity’ and ‘Boosts Immunity’ to learn very important factors for keeping your immune system strong, and specific factors that are known to cause cancer and a weak immune system so you can prevent and reduce cancer cell dominance. You can make choices that drastically reduce your risk of death from cancer by learning these factors of what causes cancer. Also, click here for specific information on 'Causes of Leukemia'.

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