What Causes a Weak Immune System
and Cancer Cell Growth?

The most dominant factor of a weak immune system and cancer cell growth is the presence of toxins in the body. All toxins affect the cells and thus cause a weak immune system and enter the body through:

  • the lungs or sinuses coming from the air we breath,
  • the skin from anything that touches or radiates the skin,
  • the mouth from anything we eat, drink, swallow, put on our teeth or even just swish and spit
  • psychologically produced toxins which are generated in the body as a result of stress - both physically and mentally produced and
  • foreign invader toxins such as bacteria, viruses and funguses that enter in various ways.
  • invisible toxins of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation - a powerful source that weakens immune system and its everywhere!

If the body’s defense systems have to constantly battle major toxic overload, they will eventually wear down, give out and give up. This battle causes a weak immune system by wearing down the endocrine system which are the ‘go power’ organs - pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenals and parathyroid. This is one reason so many people are tired and worn out. Then once the defense systems are overloaded and worn out - a weak immune system - this leaves your body wide open to defeat from foreign invader and renegade (cancer) cells to take over. Each choice you make either protects or harms your cells against toxins either boosting the immune system or causing a weak immune system.

Though it’s virtually impossible to avoid all toxins and stress, it’s important to identify causes of cancer and be able to recognize toxins so you can make choices that will protect your cells from MOST toxins and a weak immune system. Your health is totally dependent upon and directly determined by how well you do this.

I couldn’t begin to list all the toxins we face in our day to day lives that cause a weak immune system but here are the categories below which contain a few factors which cause a weak immune system and promote cancer cell dominance and other health problem. Check back often for more updates: Stress - of any kind, Emotional Trauma, Nutrient Deficiencies and Synthetics, Foreign Invaders, Toxic Heavy Metals, Lifestyle Factors, Environmental Poisons and Pollutants, Food and Diet Related Toxins and Conventional Medicine.

Stress - of any kind

Stress can be classified under Emotional Trauma also, but because of its powerful impact that causes a weak immune system, its dominance above all other good factors (see Boosts Immunity) and because it is so common in today’s society, it deserves its own category.

You must cut the stress and start living a more simple, peaceful life in order to avoid a weak immune system and poor health. Doesn’t need much explanation - quit putting the blame on someone else - just do it! Only YOU can protect your own health.

Tough love yourself and tough love others that are causing you stress. Where are you gonna live when your body is destroyed? Great reading help for de-stressing relationships and overloaded lives ‘Boundaries’ and ‘Margin - Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives’. Is your life overloaded? Overloaded lives cause a weak immune system.

Stress causes the brain to produce chemicals that shut down the immune system, reduces interferon levels (a natural anti viral agent) and interferes with sleep, a key component to a healthy immune system. 

Emotional Trauma

You can’t go thru life without emotional trauma. It does cause a weak immune system and if you don’t work thru it and let it go (as quickly as possible) can make a major contribution to disease. 

Here are just a few common emotions which causes a weak immune system:

  • Unforgiveness - This has to do with humans... most will let you down at some point in your life - some on a regular basis - because... they are human. Only God will never let you down and always have your best interest in mind (and if you think He has, look for the human factor in the equation). Sometimes it’s our self we must forgive. Just forgive and ask for forgiveness, then let it go. Remember, forgiveness doesn’t mean a wrong was not committed, it just means you are giving it God to take care of. He does such a better job at this than us.
  • Depression - Those experiencing long-term depression have double the risk of cancer because of it causing a weak immune system. Causes can be from an incident that sets it off, from not living out your values or feeling trapped and from physical debilitations caused by deficiencies and/or toxins. But usually it’s a combination of both physical and situational circumstances. However, no matter what the circumstance that may bring on depression, getting your body back into optimal health will make everything easier to deal with. The first line of action should be to do a colon cleanse and other organ and heavy metal cleanses to remove toxic waste. A long-term stressful situation of any kind will deplete your iodine which nourishes the thyroid. Replenishing this will do a world of good for depression. And always consider counseling if necessary.
  • Anger - Caused by tension from the pain of past hurts and guilt from wrong responses to them. Tension from pain and guilt is cumulative and erupts when new offenses remind us of past hurts. Don’t learn to manage anger - RESOLVE IT! (1) Accept responsibility for anger. (2) View every surge of anger as an alarm (to correct a wrong response to hurt in the past). (3) Correct past offenses (you can’t correct your offender’s - only your own). (4) Thank those who provoke you to anger (when they caused you to clear up past conflicts) and (5) Forgive those who hurt you and forgive yourself. In addition to weakening immune system, anger can also damage heart tissue, damage kidneys, contribute to hypertension, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol.

Nutrient Deficiencies and Synthetics

Synthetic nutrients such as in Vit. E (DL-alpha-tocopherols and d-alpha-tocopherol acetate) and beta-carotene have very little beneficial effect on the body but even more important is that some studies show they can contribute to increased cancer cells. The human body is not a machine and can’t be fooled. Nutrients most compatible for use by human cells are those found in nature and designated as food by God in Gen. 1:29 (from plants).

When cells are deficient in any nutrient or component required for proper functioning, they are left weak and vulnerable causing a weak immune system. This can result in transformation into a renegade cell (cancer cell) or will simply contribute to a weak organ leading to a chronic disease state. Most nutrient needs can be supplied with a healthy diet and the insurance that comes with a whole food multi vitamin/mineral/phytonutrient. A build up of cancer cells and a weak immune system is often closely associated with the following nutrient/component deficiencies.

  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Carotene/Vitamin A
  • B-6/Pyridoxine
  • Folic Acid
  • Enzymes
  • Glyconutrients
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin D

Foreign Invaders

Consist mainly of (bad) bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites, all of which can multiply and eventually put so much stress on the immune system it is too weak to overcome them or anything else. Once you have a weak immune system, carcinogens have a ‘hay day’ converting healthy cells to cancer cells and then multiplying out of control. There are many excellent cleanses and plants God designed specifically to kill these foreign invaders. Here are just a few examples of foreign invaders:

  • Candida/Yeast
  • Staph and Other Bad Bacterial Infections
  • Lyme Bacteria
  • Periodontal Disease

Toxic/Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are a strong poison to your cells. They can creep into your system without you knowing it and are very difficult to remove. They can be in your system for years slowly creating a weak immune system and because they are transferred in the womb, you may have even been born with some. There are many different types of heavy metal cleansers, some as simple as cilantro. Here are a few of the most common examples of heavy metals that cause a weak immune system:

  • Fluoride- Destroys enzymes which are crucial for proper immune function. Mutates DNA. DNA protects against cancer and infectious disease. Increases brain’s absorption of aluminum. Damages the thyroid, a key organ for immune support. Some sources are toothpaste, water supply, dental treatments, sprayed on food crops as fertilizer. For more info go to www.nofluoride.com
  • Mercury- Even more toxic than lead. Attacks the brain and nervous system causing Parkinson, MS and many other problems. Selenium helps neutralize effects of mercury. A contributor to candida, chronic fatigue and chronic infections. Some sources are dental fillings, fabric softeners, ink, plastics, wood preservatives, used to treat grains and seeds, fungicides and pesticides, fish, some medications, immunizations and vaccines such as flu shots and many others. See this four minute movie of what happens to brain neurons exposed to mercury. The 'tangles' left behind after the neurons 'shrink back' from the mercury exposure are the tangles found in every Alzheimer's patients' brain which has been studied.

  • Aluminum- Overstimulates the brain’s immune system. Regular exposure puts a strain on the lymphatic system causing a weak immune system. Causes Alzheimer and other health problems. Some sources are cookware, deodorant, vaccines and immunizations, water supply, auto exhaust, pain killers, baking powders, table salt, antacids.
  • Lead- Inhibits enzyme functions critical for immune function. Diminishes the ability of selenium to protect against free radical damage. The body cannot distinguish between calcium and lead, so pulls lead into the bones for long term leaching effects causing a weak immune system. Some sources are lead water pipes (in homes built before 1930), lead soldered copper pipes, vinyl mini blinds, porcelain-glazed sinks and tubs, ceramic glazes, lead-based paint, tobacco, liver, wine, bone meal, lead crystal dishes and insecticide. Use Leadcheck Swabs to check dishes for lead at Hybrivet systems 1-800-262-5323.
  • Cadmium- Causes a weak immune system by decreasing production of T cells - key white blood cells that protect the body by destroying foreign invaders and cancer cells. Causes zinc deficiency. Some sources are tobacco smoke, second hand tobacco smoke, silver solders, pigments, drinking water, fertilizer, fungicides, pesticides, refined grains, rice, coffee, tea and soft drinks.
  • Iron - Excess iron in the body causes free radicals that convert healthy cells to cancer cells, contributes to heart disease, damages the liver and other health problems. Iron supplements should only be consumed if you know you have a deficiency and then only in smallest quantity needed to correct deficiency. Over consumption of animal products and wine can also cause an overload of iron in the body.

Lifestyle Factors

Everyday choices will affect your immune system and the amount of cancer cells you have in your body. Don’t say ‘Everything causes cancer’ or ‘Oh well, I’m going to die from something’. This is irresponsibility for your health. Everything doesn’t cause cancer but many things do. Avoid them!

  • Smoking - One of the top causes of cancer. Greatly affects proper immune function causing a constantly weak immune system. Accounts for at least 85 percent of lung cancer cases and 1/3 of ALL cancer deaths. New hope for quitting using biofeedback and noni - dramatically diminishes withdrawal symptoms. Ondamed alone has a 95% success rate with its Stop Smoking Program.
  • Inadequate Sleep - Causes a weak immune system by reducing natural killer cell activity. Adequate sleep allows for repair, maintenance of tissue and removal of waste, all directly affecting the immune system. For best health, maintain an average of eight hours of sleep. Insomnia Buster Action Sheet soon to come.
  • Stress - Causes the brain to release chemicals that shut down the immune system. Reduces interferon levels. Interferes with sleep. Stress is dominant over all good things you do for your health - too much will still destroy your health. Shrinking of the adrenals is a common side effect of continual stress causing a weak immune system and exhaustion. Learn a relaxation response you can initiate when needed to stop the stress response. Read Margin- Restoring emotional, physical, financial, and time reserves to overloaded lives by Richard A. Swenson, M.D.
  • Excessive Dieting or Overeating - Can cause a weak immune system by depressing interferon activity.

Stopping Emotional Eating

  • Excessive or Inadequate Exercise - Excessive exercise can suppress the immune system while inadequate exercise reduces oxygen levels to a dangerous level (turns cancer cells on), stagnates the lymph system causing harmful toxic buildup, hinders response time of antibodies, hinders killer T cells’ ability to destroy invaders. Twenty to thirty minutes a day is an average healthy amount of exercise. Variety is a great help to keep you excercising.
  • Sunburn - Sunshine is important for good health (average 15-30 minutes per day) but too much at once is harmful and associated with skin cancer and suppresses a weak immune system. Work up slowly to sun exposure and avoid burning. Most sunscreens have toxic cancer causing chemicals but if you can’t shield yourself from the sun with protective clothing, find the least toxic sunscreen and use it only when you can’t avoid overexposure to the sun.
  • Clutter - Scientists have found that chronic crowding (clutter and disorganization) can lead to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes a weak immune system by affecting the adrenals.
  • Not Finding the Cause of Health Problems - If you take a medication to get rid of a symptom and don’t seek to find the cause, that health problem will continue to escalate or morph into more serious health problems. You must find the cause and then solve that problem in a safe, natural manner that lines up with God’s design of your body. This will lead you to true health and long term protection from disease and a weak immune system.
  • Toxic Body - Probably the most common factor in poor health and a weak immune system is having a body filled with toxins. The problem lies in regular input of toxins and never detoxifying the body. If you never carried the garbage out of your house, it would be a polluted mess and so it is with your body. The build up of toxins causes your cells to lose their God given programming, turning them into cancer cells. Stay away from toxic food, drugs and environments and start doing some regular detox. Always start with the colon first. See detox tips click here.

  • Diet and Nutrition - Junk and fast food will contribute to a weak immune system and destroy your health. The cells must receive what they need to function properly on an ongoing basis in order to support a healthy immune system. This is achieved by eating mostly whole plant food and natural whole food supplements. Balance your percentages into a 95% healthy diet and 5% any food you want. Click here for Easy Healthy Recipes that boost the immune system.

  • Dehydration - Water is the basis of all body functions totaling 75% of body composition. Even mild dehydration impairs proper functioning of all systems including a weak immune system. It’s more important than ever to drink pure water. Tap water contains many toxic chemicals including carcinogens. Drink approximately ½ your weight in ounces (150 lb. person would drink 75 oz = 9 (8 oz) glasses of water.
  • Being Overweight - Fat cells store and produce estrogen in abnormal amounts. A main contributor to what causes cancer, especially for women, is excessive estrogen in the body. Being hotter than most people (and hot flashes) is one sign that you have too much estrogen in your body. Natural progesterone cream (paraben-free - Request my 'Resource List' below for a list of favorite recommended and tested natural products) will neutralize excessive estrogen. BRCA-1 is a gene that is associated with breast cancer. You have a 65% reduced risk of activating this gene just by losing weight. And remember bad genes are only activated when your diet and lifestyle are not healthy. Being overweight puts a strain on all your body functions causing a weak immune system.

    Stopping Emotional Eating

  • Alcohol - Poison to the body and, in fact, the process of getting drunk is in part caused by dehydration of the cells. There are many chemicals involved in the processing and packaging of alcohol that are toxic to the body. Any noted benefits of drinking alcohol can be found in nontoxic foods without the toxic effect on the body, without putting your life and others in jeopardy and without the social disasters caused from the consumption of alcohol. The liver is the main organ damaged by alcohol and is vital for health and a strong immune system. See Gal. 18-21 for God’s Word on drunkenness.
  • Environmental Poisons and Pollutants

      These are substances that range from slightly harmful to extremely harmful and are about as many as there are sand in the ocean. This category probably contains the most substances that are causes of cancer. Most chemicals and synthetic man-made substances are harmful to the human body to some degree. Many lead to genetic mutations which mean more cancer cells, and most will contribute to a weak immune system. With almost one half of all Americans getting advanced cancer, it is safe to say our environment is very toxic and must be changed. Here are only a few. Do the research and check out your environment - then GO SAFE & NATURAL!
    • Second Hand Smoke - Same hazards as smoking. Protect your health - stay away from it! Greatly affects proper immune function. Smoke accounts for at least 85 percent of lung cancer cases and 1/3 of ALL cancer deaths. New hope for quitting using biofeedback and noni - dramatically diminishes withdrawal symptoms.
    • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) - One of your most invisible, powerful and unrecognized factors of causes of cancer, weak immune system and other health problems is exposure to excessive amounts of electric, magnetic, wireless and ionizing radiation. The U.S. as an advanced technology country is far behind - maybe last in admitting this is harmful to your health. Why? Because money is its priority - with health trailing far behind. Click here to read my radiation poisoning/breast cancer story. The different types of radiation are electric, magnetic, wireless (Radio Frequency (RF) microwave) and ionizing. Repeat exposure to any of these types of radiation causes a weak immune system, mutates cells and damages your organs. The human body has its own electromagnetic field (EMF). When it is exposed to high levels of radiation for a short time or prolonged lower levels of radiation, the natural EMF of the body is altered causing disease and a weak immune system. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) damages the neurons in the atoms of your cells. Mutated cells turn into cancer cells along with damaging your organs. EMR prohibits production of melatonin (which is needed to protect against several cancers) and causes an increase in women’s estrogen level which contributes to conversion of cancer cells. There is a 240% increase in brain tumors on the side of the head the phone is used. And if you already have cancer, radiation exposure will cause your cancer to grow rapidly. It is virtually impossible to eliminate all EMR from very close proximity to anyplace you spend regular time, but distance is your safest solution. See more info at www.EMFRestore.com.  Some radiation sources are: engine operations (magnetic) such as a zero-turn lawnmower, weed eater, golf cart, A/C units; anything electric (electric) such as a fan, computer, appliances, radios (RF & electric), electrical box, electric blankets, hair dryers, high power electric lines; radio frequency microwave (RF/Microwave) items such as cell phones and their towers, cordless phones, baby monitors, laptops, broadband towers and routers for computers, satellite dish; and ionizing which would include radiation from granite countertops, nuclear power plant emissions and fuel, radon emitting from the earth into a home, etc. Limit your exposure by increasing distance from all radiation sources. Consider purchasing a gaussmeter and other detectors to become familiar with safe distances from EMR’s in your environment. For some sources like small electric devices, even a short distance away (3 feet) drastically reduces your risk. But for sources like RF Microwave (cell phones, cordless phones, wireless routers) emissions can cover several yards or more. 

    • Toxic Household Cleaners - Those working at home have a higher rate of cancer because of toxic chemicals used for cleaning. The EPA found in one 5-year study that airborne chemical levels in homes were as much as 70 times higher inside than outside. The leading cause of death for women aged 35-74 is cancer. Here are just a few: chlorine is linked to breast cancer, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen found in air fresheners (along with diclorbenzene), Tupperware, baggies, coffee, wax paper and mold and mildew cleaners, perchlorethylene is a known carcinogen and damages liver, kidney and nervous system found in carpet and upholstery shampoo, dishwasher detergents contain chlorine and is the number one cause of child poisonings, petroleum distillates are carcinogenic (especially skin and lung cancer) and found in furniture polish, antibacterial cleaners may contain triclosan which damages the liver and causes a weak immune system, disinfectants contain triclosan an immune suppressor and phenols and dioxin (Agent Orange), glycol ethers found in glass cleaners damage kidneys, blood cells and liver and NPE’s in laundry soap are hormone disruptors and NTA’s are carcinogenic. All toxic chemicals weaken the immune system. Remember - if you can smell it, your lungs are absorbing it. There are some really good natural cleaners available now. Request my 'Resourc List' below for my choices for non-toxic cleaners.

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  • Other Household Hazardous Chemicals - Found in pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, flea powders, pet shampoos, lice shampoo, car wash and polish, tar and bug remover, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, fabric softener, dryer sheets, moth balls, spray starch, wrinkle resistant fabrics and pressed wood products contain formaldehyde, charcoal lighter fluid contains petroleum distillates with benzene a known carcinogen, carpet can be treated with pesticides, fungicides and 4-phenylcyclohexene, glycol ethers and acetates in photography products, lacquer thinners, paints and aerosol sprays. Deet in bug sprays lead to liver and brain damage, pesticides are one of the most important single hazards in the home in more than 34,000 formulations all contributing to a weak immune system and many health problems, other known carcinogens phenol, benzene, toluene and xylene.
  • Living Near Nuclear Power Plants - Nuclear power plants emit Strontium 90 and Cesium 137, extremely toxic carcinogens. There is no safe level of these potent carcinogens which are absorbed into the body in the calcium receptor sites eventually residing in the deep layers of the bones. It is virtually impossible to remove these deep-seated toxins causing a life long increased risk of cancer. Studies show the safest location from a nuclear power plant is at least 100 miles away. Studies in Florida showed more than a 300% increase in cancer for those living in the same county as a nuclear power plant. Pectin is one substance shown to help remove these if used in the initial exposure stage.
  • Skin and Body Care Products - Anything you put on your skin is absorbed at about 60%. This was proven in the studies for nicotine, nitroglycerine and hormone patches. So you want to be able to safely drink anything you put on your skin. Here are a few toxic chemicals in skin and body care products to avoid: increases cancer risk - propylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, petrolatum, mineral oil, coal tar, cocamide DEA/Lauramide DEA, talc, toluene, triethanolamine, formaldehyde; may increase cancer risk - sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl ether sulfate; immune system reactions - butyl acetate, butylated hydroxy toluene, ethyl acetate. Aluminum in deodorant found in high levels in brain of people with Alzheimer’s, hinders the lymphatic system and weakens the bowel muscles. Chemicals in sunscreens that cause cancer benzophenone 3, exybensome, octocrylene. Toluene in nail polish is highly toxic. Check the ingredients in all the products you use, then choose products that are botanical based with no parabens or other toxic chemicals.
  • Food and Diet Related Toxins

    There is a scripture in the Bible that refers to deceptive food (Prov. 23:3) which is false food - presented as food but not food. After you leave the fresh, dried and frozen produce section and dried beans, peas and grains most of the food in the grocery store is false food. And much of it contains chemicals that will cause a weak immune system and contributes to a much higher rate of disease. Here we will look at a few items that cause cancer and weakens the immune system.

    • Sugar - A major immune system depressor which destroys the ability of white blood cells to kill foreign invaders (for up to five hours after ingestion). Also causes a weak immune system by feeding cancer cells, fungus and bad bacteria for rapid growth and multiplication.
    • Municipal and Well Water - Water supplies may contain up to 500 disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites plus many toxic chemicals including chlorine (carcinogen) and fluoride. Drink purified water only. Shower/bath filters are also important since 60% of everything that touches the skin is absorbed into the body. Wells may be contaminated with runoff from dairy cattle and feed lots and contamination from byproducts of oil and gas industry just to give you a few examples. Test your well water for harmful substances that may cause a weak immune system.
    • Olestra - A fake fat found mostly in potato chips and snack foods. Blocks absorption of carotenes vital for cancer prevention and proper immune system function. Can also cause serious digestive disturbances and ‘drippy bowels’.
    • Microwaved Food - Changes the atomic structure of the food making it a toxin to the body. Minerals in microwaved food are altered into cancer causing free radicals. Long term use alters male and female hormone production. Causes a weak immune system through lymph gland and blood serum alterations. Causes an increase in stomach and intestinal cancerous growths (tumors).
    • Acrylamiacide - A cancer causing chemical that is created when carbs are heated with fats such as french fries, doughnuts, etc.
    • Chemical Sugar Replacements - NutraSweet/aspartame converts to formaldehyde and methyl alcohol in the body, both carcinogenic and toxic to the immune system. Associated with many health problems including ovarian cancer and brain tumors. Aspartame accounts for more than 75% of all complaints in the Adverse Reaction Monitoring System of the FDA. During the two years following the release of aspartame, brain tumors increased 600% in the U.S. and continues to rise annually. Acesulfame potassium/acesulfame K is an artificial sweetener in chewing gum that causes cancer. All chemical sweeteners are toxic to the body. The safest sweetener God gave us is raw honey - not heated or processed. Contains enzymes and trace nutrients.
    • Plastic Touching Food - When plastic touches food or drink, especially when either is heated, xenoestrogens are leached into the food. Xenoestrogens act as estrogen in the body which causes cancer cells to develop and reproduce rapidly. Use glass bowls instead of plastic for storage, take food out of plastic containers before you heat them and don’t let plastic wrap touch food.
    • MSG - Glutamate is a powerful stimulant of cancer growth and invasion. Found in chinese food, flavorings, flavored chips and many packaged foods.
    • Nitrites in Meat - Nitrites cause a weak immune system by reacting with the powerful acids in your stomach to form nitrosamines - one of the most potent cancer-causing agents known to man - a warning given by the National Academy of Sciences. Considered dangerous by the FDA but not banned because they prevent botulism. Nitrites consumed during pregnancy increases the risk of infant brain tumors. Nitrites are found in preserved meat such as bacon, lunch meat, weiners, smoked meat, jerky, etc. and should be totally avoided. Some Boarshead lunchmeat and Hormel Naturals have no nitrites.
    • Soy Protein Isolates - In the processing of soy protein isolate, hexane is often used, which is a petroleum solvent similar to gasoline which causes cancer. Whole soybeans and products made with whole soybeans are a healthy plant God gave us as food.
    • Low Intake of Fruits and Vegetables - Starting as an infant, they have a 430% increased risk of brain cancer for those who do not consume any fruits or vegetables in the first year of life. Dr. Russell Blaylock notes 206 human studies and 22 animal studies showing the most common factor of cancer patients was their low intake of fruits and vegetables. Very important in preventing a weak immune system.
    • Bad Fats - According to the FDA, there is no safe level of trans fat. This is hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fat of any kind - read your labels. The body cannot process it out and is linked to increased cancer risk and lowered immune response from impaired prostaglandin and cell functions. High levels of trans fats raise breast cancer risk an astounding 40%! Studies show a direct correlation between animal fat intake and breast and prostate cancer risk. Why? Because animal fat and protein increases the levels of testosterone and estrogen which trigger rapid growth of cancer cells. Butter is an exception when consumed in small amounts. When animals fed heated polyunsaturates were compared with animals fed heated butter, those fed heated corn oil had lower growth rates, developed diarrhea and rough fur, and every single one developed tumors. None of the animals fed heated butter developed tumors. The best fats are raw unheated plant fats. Most vegetable oils are heated in processing (unless cold-pressed) and produce peroxides which cause tumors.
    • Seared and Well Done Meat - Studies show those eating meat seared and ‘well done’ have a greater risk of cancer. The more ‘well done’ the meat is, the more acid pH - which cancer cells thrive in.
    • Excessive Animal Protein - The China Project was the largest study done revealing the relationship between diet and disease observing more than 10,000 people. One of the most dramatic findings was the strong association between foods of animal origin and cancer. Once the body has all the protein it needs, excess protein begins to feed precancerous lesions and tumors. Increased protein reduces B-6 levels which directly relate to your risk of cancer. Reduce your risk of cancer and other health problems by reducing animal protein and increasing plant protein. (Beans, peas, lentils, raw nuts and seeds including whole grains) God gave us permission to eat meat in Gen. 9:3 but the main factors causing our health problems associated with animal foods are: high fat - should be naturally fed such as grass only fed cattle (remember the fatted calf was for special occasions), free roaming chickens, clean fish from clean and natural waters; excessive consumption - eat meat more as a condiment in dishes or occasional steak, fish or burger dinner; chemicals in raising or processing including anitbiotics, hormones, etc.; and eating unclean meat - as noted in Lev. Chapter 11 God gave guidelines for consuming meat and though all meat was declared spiritually clean in the new testament, the unclean meat is toxic compared to clean meat as revealed in a study done at Johns Hopkin University. Most unclean meat animals are scavengers and are great at cleaning up garbage.

    Conventional Medicine

    Conventional Medicine can work miracles in crises situations and should be praised for that. But it has many treatments that totally miss the mark for true health, have very toxic side effects and give its patients a false sense of healing, at best. Eliminating symptoms only, is like cutting the wire to the fire alarm - the fire still burns, just the system for notifying you that there is a problem has been silenced. Remember, true health comes from finding the root cause of the problem and addressing it in a way that lines up with God’s natural design of the body. And God has given us awesome resources in nature that most people don’t know about with a rapidly growing number of clinical studies to back them up.

    Whether you chose conventional or natural solutions or a combination of both, be aware of treatments and medications that may cause more problems than what you want to deal with and produce a weak immune system. If you are not in a crisis situation, take the time to research before you commit. It may save you from serious danger or death. One good resource for medication information is www.citizen.org/hrg/ - then choose Worst Pills, Best Pills section. (It’s well worth the subscription if you go to doctors at all or take any medication.) This website can give you important information you won’t get from your doctor or pharmacist even though the information received comes from doctors and pharmacists who analyze the FDA’s own data. But, it’s like getting ‘the whole truth’. Another helpful website for medication discussion is www.medications.com.

    Although all prescribed medications are toxic to the body (must pass an LD/50 test = lethal dose, 50% death in lab animals) and therefore cause a weak immune system - here are just a few treatments or medications that may seriously weaken the immune system, cause cancer or take you down a path of progressive disease.

    • Flu Shots - Still contain aluminum and mercury and over activate the immune system. One noted immunologist, Dr. Hugh Fundenberg, along with his co-workers, found that people at least 55 years old who receive the flu vaccine each year for five years in a row increase their risk of Alzheimer’s disease tenfold.
    • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) - Increases your estrogen level which fuels the conversion of healthy cells to cancer cells along with synthetic progesterone (progestin) which is carcinogenic. Use a paraben-free natural progesterone which is non-toxic and can be converted by the body into estrogen or progesterone as needed.
    • Radiation Therapy - Kills healthy cells including bone marrow cells which cause a weak immune system - the very system God gave us to overcome disease. Is a strong carcinogen and increases your risk of developing cancer later on, especially leukemia. Has many serious side effects. Be sure you know all the long term risks before using this treatment.
    • Chemotherapy - Greatly contributes to a weak immune system. Implicated in the development of leukemia. Can cause some cancers to grow faster and become incurable when used alone. Increases your risk of future cancers. Before you take it, ask your doctor if using chemo for your type of cancer has been shown to improve long-term survival - in many cases it does not. By damaging the DNA of healthy cells, radiation and chemotherapy drugs heighten the risk that those cells will become cancerous at some point in the future. Chemo also destroys vitamin B-6 in the body which is a vital nutrient for a healthy functioning immune system. If you choose chemotherapy, it can be safer and more effective when you consider the following: a good detox program is important - as the cancer and other cells die off they must be removed quickly or will make you very toxic and weak; a good nutrition/supplement program will help minimize the damage done to healthy cells; and consider IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) which is a fairly new technology of insulin based chemo which is more targeted to the cancer and uses smaller doses of the chemo drug to accomplish the same or better results. Be sure to ask your doctor and do your own research about the negative affects of any treatment you choose. One of the most important factors for using chemo is realizing you still have to find the cause of your cancer and address that or it will likely come back (if it ever leaves).
    • Medications that Deplete Key Anti Cancer Nutrients - At least one type of diabetes medication, biguanides, significantly exhausts folate/folic acid. Low folic acid levels have been linked to a variety of cancers, especially those of the breast, cervix and colon. CoQ10 and other important anti cancer nutrients are depleted by several medications used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, statins and antidepressants. Magnesium is depleted by certain chemotherapy drugs to the point heart damage and brain injury occur. Birth control pills deplete B-6 and magnesium important anti cancer nutrients. Research your medications before you start taking them. You may end up with something worse than what you are being treated for.
    • Antibiotics - Studies show those who use the most antibiotics have double the chances of being struck by breast cancer. They destroy the friendly bacteria in the intestines which is a major part of a healthy immune system.
    • Steroid Drugs - Like prednisone, suppresses the immune system by reducing antibodies. Long term use can lead to overactive killer cells that attack the body’s own tissues (autoimmune disease). New research links steroid use to skin malignancies and non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
    • Removal or Destruction of Immune System Organs - Tonsils, spleen, thyroid, lymph nodes and appendix are very important immune system organs and are very often removed or destroyed when they could be saved. It is slowly being realized the importance of these organs and the ability to bring them back to health. The example of the tonsils, lymph nodes and appendix problems are usually a result of a toxic body, and if not in a life threatening situation can be brought back to health with a detox and nutritional program that boosts the immune system. And removing healthy lymph nodes are common practice - the very system that helps remove cancer cells from your body. It is, however, important to detox and exercise in order to keep the lymph waste moving out of the body and keep the lymph nodes healthy. Noni also helps drain the lymph nodes of toxic waste.
    • Vaccines - It was recently disclosed that officials at Merck Pharmaceutical Company knew as far back as 1991 about dangerously high mercury levels in their children’s vaccinations. A memo released by the company (by court order) stated that one of their own scientist found mercury levels in vaccinated children to be 87 times the safe levels determined by the FDA. That is 8,700% higher! Despite this warning, vaccine manufacturers continued to add the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal to even more children’s vaccines. Mercury contributes to autism, learning disorders, a weak immune system and much more. Know exactly what is in a vaccine and how it may affect you before you even consider taking it or giving it to your children! Learn more about the problem with this and many other vaccines at
    • www.wnho.net and www.nvic.org

    • Hepatitis B Vaccine - This vaccine is another example of the importance of weighing the pros and cons before taking it. A new study found those taking the hepatitis B vaccine had a 300% increase in risk of developing multiple sclerosis within three years of taking the vaccine.
    • Januvia/Sitagliptin - This type 2 diabetes drug has been linked to pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer along with many other severe side effects. See more info at www.medications.com/se/januvia

    • RU-486/Mifepristone - This abortion pill is causing deaths of baby and mothers, septic shock, hemorrhage and other complications which are requiring emergency surgery and transfusions. Another lifelong side effect of many taking this pill is the emotional trauma caused from realizing later in life you have rejected and murdered your own child. I speak from experience on abortion, thinking it was the perfect solution at the time and later realizing it was the biggest mistake in my life - regretting it daily. Abortion is the solution of convenience that affects us on the spiritual level. 
    So you have here many factors that cause a weak immune system and many carcinogens that cause cancer along with other diseases. The truth is we do face many health risks in our everyday lives - whether its environmental in the air and water or in our diet , chemicals we use or wireless towers we live by, etc. We can change most of those, most of the time, drastically reducing our risk of disease, health problems and a weak immune system. There are many more than what is listed here, but continue to learn more about these toxins and check back soon for updates and additions.


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