Easy Healthy Recipes Designed to Prevent and Reverse Disease

Along with eliminating toxins and stress from your life, easy healthy recipes are the best weapons you can have to prevent and reverse the disease process. If you don’t believe in the power of food to improve your health, it’s only because you haven’t added enough of the right kinds of food to your diet.

Healthy Food to Boost Your Immune System

Healthy eating recipes found here have the following benefits for you:

  • planned around studied and proven health benefits of food
  • easy to make with fewer ingredients
  • mostly made with common ingredients
  • only contain expensive ingredients when they prove to be a great value in health and taste
  • will contain many traditional dishes with a healthy remake
  • after health consideration, taste is the #1 factor
  • encourage you to consume organic produce or at least chemical-free
  • are mostly healthy vegetarian recipes so you don't have to deal with the increased risk of disease associated with many animal products

These easy healthy recipes will be duplicated in more than one category so you can see the various health benefits they have. You will also find each recipe in one or more of the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner categories as a suggestion of when is the best time to consume it to get the best health benefit. So click on a healthy eating recipe category and prepare a meal or snack that will prevent and even reverse disease.

Super Easy Vegan Recipes

These easy vegan recipes will boost your immune system, protect and strengthen your heart and give you great energy. With only about five or six ingredients, these are super easy to make with basic common ingredients.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are delicious, fast and very nutritious. They are also convenient because you can slip super nutrients in them and have the mess cleaned up all in 5 minutes. Important benefits of smoothies are that they provide energy, are made with cleansing foods that help eliminate toxins from the body and are a great way to add micro nutrients to the diet. Smoothies are the ultimate in easy healthy recipes and great for breakfast, snack or light lunch.

Healthy Salad Recipes

Leafy greens and raw vegetables are the king and queen of health foods and directly related to longevity. These are the foods that should make up the largest percent of your diet for disease prevention and reversal.

In a review of 206 human-population studies, raw vegetable consumption showed the strongest protective effect against cancer of any beneficial food. Studies show raw, leafy greens are the foods shown to have the strongest positive association with increased longevity.


Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes

A great tasting salad dressing will make any salad taste great! Great dressings will be your best help for getting more raw vegetables in your diet. Have several favorites available at all times. Home made dressings are fast and easy and should avoid dairy, chemicals, white vinegar (too acidic) and oils that have been heated in processing - should say cold pressed on the bottle.

Healthy Vitamin A Food Recipes

This is a very specialty section of Easy Healthy Recipes. Vitamin A, safely converted from beta carotene food, is the most important vitamin known to boost immune system and help fight off cancer cells. Here are Vitamin A Food Recipes loaded with bio available beta carotene.

Delicious Coconut Milk Recipes

Healthy eating doesn’t get any better than these coconut milk recipes. The good fat in coconut is great for the immune system and heart and taste better than cream. Enjoy a variety of ways these recipes incorporate coconut milk into your diet.

Healthy Soup Recipes

Studies show people who eat soup regularly are healthier, live longer and weigh less than those who do not. These healthy soup recipes are designed to boost immune system naturally and help fight disease.

Healthy Casserole Recipes

Casseroles are noted for having unhealthy ingredients... but always loved. The easy healthy recipes here will replace the bad ingredients with healthier ingredients in some traditional recipes and give some new alternatives. Important notes:

  • All animal product ingredients should be organic and naturally raised and fed (i.e., grass only raised beef and free roaming chickens).
  • Always serve a raw salad with the cooked portion of the meal.
  • If you have cancer or heart disease, its best to refrain from animal products until you have reversed the disease and then consume only occasionally. Studies show they can be a major contributor to both.

Healthy Dessert Recipes

It is truly amazing how delicious really healthy desserts can be. And once you start shifting your diet away from unhealthy foods, you will actually prefer these healthy eating recipes over your old ones. They will leave you feeling great instead of robbing your energy.

Brown Rice Recipes

The versatility of brown rice recipes makes them great for dessert, side dishes and even one pot meals. Brown rice is known as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Tolerated by virtually everyone, the health benefits of these brown rice recipes will help you make healthy diet changes you need to boost immune system naturally. Here are examples of the variety of recipes brown rice can be used for.
Healthy Juice Recipes

Raw vegetable juice is the closest thing to God’s multiple vitamin/mineral supplement and extremely powerful for boosting the immune system. These easy healthy recipes for raw juice are packed full of enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in the perfect balance for best assimilation. The same amount of food when eaten whole will give you 30% of its nutrients for cell use, but when juiced will give you 90% for cell use. And juice can be quickly consumed and digested making it easier to get more nutrients in the body.

A few juicing tips:

  • Drink no more than 6-8 ounces of raw juice at a time so it will be properly utilized.
  • For best digestion of natural sugars, for adding power nutrients and the best longevity food on earth, always add some leafy greens in each batch. In small quantities you won’t even taste them and even in large quantities they have a very pleasant taste when fresh.
  • Variety will give the broadest spectrum of nutrients. Put several colors of produce in each batch.
  • Beets can be very cleansing and can make you feel a little sick because they cause the liver to dump toxins. Start with only 1/4 small beet and work up to a whole beet.
  • Some produce turns bitter if kept in the refrigerator too long. Using really fresh produce will help avoid this problem.

Raw Food Diet Recipes

Ann Wigmore, author and founder of Boston’s famed Hippocrates Health Institute said, “The most thrilling experience I can recall was seeing cancer cells taken from a human body thriving on cooked food, but unable to survive on the same kind of food when it was uncooked. Such an experiment taught me something that textbooks and teachers never can erase from my mind.” Most raw food has an alkaline pH. Cancer cells can’t grow in an alkaline environment but thrive in an acid environment. See Acid/Alkaline Food List The original diet God gave man as food is raw plant food as noted in Genesis 1:29.

This section is a collection of all the raw food diet recipes on my website. Raw produce will be one of the most powerful factors to boost your immune system naturally. These easy healthy recipes are delicious and will provide the cells with key nutrients needed for optimal health.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Here are easy healthy recipes chosen to give you the best health benefit when eaten for breakfast. The best breakfast food will give you energy to start the day but will be easy to digest, assisting your body in completing the cleaning out process of yesterday’s food. One of the biggest factors for preventing disease is to keep the toxins out of the body. An easy to digest breakfast supports the natural digestion cycle of: 12:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. = digestion (main consumption) / 8:00 p.m.-4:00 a.m. = assimilation (utilizing what you ate) / 4:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. = elimination (clean out time).

Because you may be hungry before lunch, feel free to eat again - just more of the same - easy to digest, high energy. Fruit is best, followed by raw nuts, seeds and intact grains (cooked or sprouted). This will keep your metabolism running strong.

Healthy Lunch Recipes

The longer into the day you maintain pure whole food, the fewer cravings you will have for less healthy food. Lunch should maximize consumption of raw vegetables which are your most healing foods.

Make big raw salads for your main dish and if desired add whole intact grains and beans, peas, lentils, nuts and seeds.

This section of 'Easy Healthy Recipes' will focus on salads along with variations containing lots of raw produce.

Healthy Dinner Recipes

A healthy dinner will have at least one raw vegetable recipe (choose from above recipes), some cooked vegetables (included here) and a higher protein food. Some of these easy healthy recipes will be an all-in-one dish.


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