A Summary of Causes of Leukemia,
Symptoms and Natural Support

Some of the causes of leukemia (an immune system disease) are known, some are not. One known cause is much more common than the others. We will look at this and several other Causes of Leukemia, Symptoms of Leukemia and What is Leukemia. The good news is most of the causes are preventable and many people with leukemia have reversed their condition and returned to great health. The following information will help you prevent and possibly even reverse this disease by eliminating the causes and adding natural support that boosts immune system naturally.

What is Leukemia?

In a nutshell, leukemia is blood and bone marrow cancer - cancer in the tissue that forms blood which is in the bone marrow.

Proliferation (rapid growth) of immature unhealthy cells is acute leukemia, which is either myeloblastic or lymphoblastic, and proliferation of mature unhealthy cells is chronic leukemia which is either myelocytic or lymphocytic. Leukemia is the failure of the bone marrow to function properly. The red blood cells, white cells and platelets originate in the bone marrow, a key component of the immune system. The ultimate problem occurs because the bad unhealthy leukemia cells don’t die when they should and eventually crowd out the red blood cell, white cell and platelet formation.

Symptoms of Leukemia

Repeated infections
Weight loss
Easy bruising
Bone and joint pain
Swollen spleen, liver and lymph nodes
Red spots under the skin
Increase in white blood cells with no red blood cell production

Causes of Leukemia

We don’t know all of the causes of leukemia but we do know some very definite causes and some probable causes. As with any cancer, there is usually one dominant factor with many other smaller contributors. Here is a list of causes of leukemia and probable causes along with brief explanations:

  • Electromagnetic and other types of Radiation - considered the most dominant of the causes of leukemia includes electric, magnetic, radio frequency/wireless and ionizing radiation which hides silently in our everyday lives. Why does it cause leukemia? First, because radiation destroys vitamin A, E and Selenium in the body. Without vitamin A, bone marrow can’t produce red blood cells or function normally. The first symptoms of this occurring is anemia and then progresses to leukemia. Selenium is important because it protects cell DNA against free radiacal damage which causes leukemia and other cancers. Second, radiation decreases melatonin levels which is known to protect against cancer in a number of ways. And third, electrical radiation puts a charge on toxic airborne pollutants causing them to be more likely to be absorbed into the body to cause DNA damage. See my Radiation Poisoning Story for more info on radiation poisoning (that gave me breast cancer) and how to avoid it.

    Some sources of radiation are (electric - high power lines, all electric appliances, wiring in walls, lamps, electric blankets, massagers, anything electric); (magnetic - engines as in zero-turn lawn mowers, etc., phone lines, end component of electric devices, clothes dryers, etc.), (wireless/rf radiation - cell phones, cordless phones, broadband computer routers and other wireless routers, cordless phones, cell towers/wireless towers, printers with wireless capability, etc.) and (ionizing - barium in medical tests, x-rays, radiation given to cancer patients, x-rays of mom during pregnancy, nuclear power plant emissions (Strontium 90), emissions from some concrete plants burning radioactive waste as fuel, uranium sources, etc.).

    The deeper we get into the radiation filled environment of electronics and indiscriminate placement of cell towers and electrical lines near homes, businesses and schools the more leukemia (and other cancers) we will see developing. Radiation can also damage the heart and other organs.

    Because of my research showing the powerful impact of electromagnetic radiation on health along with one of the main causes of leukemia, I have produced a website on this topic alone. Click here for more information on EMF Protection - www.Best-EMF-Health.com.

  • Benzene - considered one of the primary causes of leukemia. Documented since 1928 to cause leukemia. Listed by the EPA as Class A ‘carcinogenic to humans’ but is still in the Top 20 chemicals produced in the U.S. Also causes pre-leukemia aplastic anemia. Found in gasolene, tobacco smoke, car fumes, industrial petroleum solvents, burning coal or oil, found in some sodas. Vitamin C can break benzoate down into benzene. Benzoate found in pickles, some Asian condiments, sodas, etc. See more info at www.consumerjusticegroup.com/leukemia

  • Chemotherapy - known as one of the causes of leukemia because it damages DNA which causes normal bone marrow cells to become leukemic cells or other types of cancer cells along with reduced production of healthy cells. See American Cancer Society for more information.
  • Formaldehyde - damages DNA which causes normal bone marrow cells to become leukemic cells or other types of cancer cells. Found in dyes, germicides, disenfectancts fertilizers, vaccinations, pressed wood, medication, paint, cosmetics, fabric and many others
  • High Consumption of Dairy Products - Dairy binds zinc so it cannot be absorbed in the system. Since zinc is required for vitamin A to be useable by the body, the bone marrow does not have access to vitamin A - even when it’s present.
  • Pesticide Exposure - toxic exposure damages DNA which causes normal bone marrow cells to become leukemic cells or other types of cancer cells.
  • Fluoride - studies show fluoride leads to DNA damage and ultimate death of healthy bone marrow cells leading to leukemia.
  • Arsenic - damages DNA and causes malfunction of bone marrow.
  • Severe Malnutrition - nutrients are not available for proper bone marrow functioning.
  • Smoking and Second hand smoke - Tobacco smoke contains benzene and five other chemicals known as to cause cancer. Smoking increases your risk of getting leukemia by 30% and is the main cause in 14% of all adult leukemia cases.
  • Immune System Suppressant Drugs - one of the causes of leukemia because it suppresses healthy bone marrow activity.

Possible Causes of Childhood Leukemia

  • Electromagnetic, wireless and other types of Radiation
  • Mom Having X-Rays During Pregnancy
  • Child Having X-Rays
  • CT Scans
  • Chemo and Radiation Treatment
  • Taking Drugs to Suppress the Immune System
  • Children of Alcoholic Mom
  • Toxic Chemical Exposure
  • Second Hand Smoke
  • Processed/Cured Meat Consumption
  • Aspartame Consumption
  • Plus any general factors listed above

Natural Support for Leukemia Type of Issues

  • Find and Eliminate the Causes - Check list above. This must be combined with all other attempts to reverse Leukemia for complete and lasting results.
  • Vitamin A - imperative for proper bone marrow functioning and to boost immune system. More info and Vitamin A Food List Here

  • Spirulina - Not only provides a great source of Vitamin A (as carotenes) but also reverses and protects against the damage done by all types of radiation AND is shown to produce new healthy red blood cells.
  • Noni - extremely powerful immune booster including draining and reducing inflammation in lymph nodes and also purifies the body of any unhealthy substances including damaged cells. Helps correct DNA that has been damaged by toxins or stressors (such as radiation exposure). Request my ‘Intensive Noni Protocol’ for fast acting support.
  • Grapeseed Extract - studies show it kills 74% leukemia cancer cells in laboratory of certain types of leukemia.
  • Chlorella - special cancer benefit when the cancer was caused by any type of radiation damage (electric, magnetic, wireless or ionizing) but also strengthens immune system in general (contains germanium). An excellent source of Vitamin A as carotenes for healthy bone marrow functioning. Raises albumin levels vitally important for success with cancer.

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