Why Your Anti Cancer Diet Should Provide
This Powerful Key Nutrient

You must be very proactive in changing to an anti cancer diet and lifestyle if you want to address the many factors that are involved in normal cells becoming cancer cells. The good news is you can change almost all of those factors, drastically lowering your risk of losing the cancer battle - even if the battle has already started.

Load Your Anti Cancer Diet With This Food Category

One very important category of cancer fighting food you should incorporate into your diet is carotene rich food which is the precursor to vitamin A. (See Vitamin A Food Recipes below.) Vitamin A has many important functions in the body, but specifically addresses cells turning into cancer cells, the body’s ability to properly address cells that have already turned into cancer cells and assisting in the replacement of cells destroyed by cancer in the following ways:

  1. Vitamin A in the cell prohibits the attachment of a carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) to the cell’s genetic material (DNA). When the carcinogen cannot bind to the cell, the risk of it turning into a cancer cell because of that carcinogen is eliminated.
  2. Vitamin A enlarges the thymus gland which shrinks tumors - one very powerful factor when considering it in your anti cancer diet.
  3. Carotenes, which are the plant precursors to vitamin A, have a number of immune-enhancing effects on the body (even before it’s turned into vitamin A in the body) by significantly increasing the frequency of helper T-cells which attack and reject cancer cells from the body.
  4. Vitamin A helps to manufacture red blood cells which assist in replacing the cells destroyed by cancer.
Factors to Consider

Pertaining to vitamin A’s availability to the cells, we must also consider the following factors:

  • Vitamin E and zinc are necessary for the enzyme that activates vitamin A. Without these, vitamin A cannot be converted to the active form.
  • Synthetic Beta-Carotene supplementation has shown to increase cancer cell growth and cardiovascular disease.
  • Because cow’s milk protein (casein) binds zinc avidly and prevents its absorption, those consuming dairy products may develop a vitamin A deficiency. This would, at least in part, explain the studies showing the link between dairy products and cancer.
  • Milk is usually supplemented with vitamin A palmitate because of the known link between dairy and vitamin A deficiency, but the problem with this is vitamin A palmitate is the synthetic form which has been shown to cause cancer, and even if it was a good source, it misses the point that the milk binds the zinc which prohibits the use of the vitamin A (immobilizes it) in the body. So no matter how much vitamin A you add, it still needs zinc to mobilize it - which is bound by the dairy.
  • Another inhibitor of vitamin A is the fake fat olestra which binds carotenoids and sends them out of the body unabsorbed. Olestra is found mostly in snack foods such as low fat or fat-free chips.
  • A deficiency of zinc, vitamin C, protein or thyroid hormone (possibly from low iodine intake) impairs the conversion of carotenes to vitamin A.

Please note that the sources for vitamin A/carotenes are very important. Vitamin A palmitate is a synthetic form of vitamin A and has been shown to cause cancer, as well as synthetic forms of carotenes. Vitamin A in fish oil can be contaminated with chemicals absorbed by the fish which are carcinogenic, and even if pure and untainted, any source of vitamin A (not from plant sources) can cause severe toxicity if taken in too high of doses and can cause birth defects if taken by pregnant women even in moderate amounts.

Many people take a beta-carotene supplement, but there are many carotenes, all designed to work together in balanced fashion as in food. Taking just one of the carotenes causes an imbalance which prohibits proper use of any one of the carotenes. If you are looking for anti cancer supplements to support your anti cancer diet, be sure they contain all the carotenes in their natural whole food form.

The best sources of vitamin A for absorption, effectiveness and safety are in the form of carotenes (Vitamin A precursors) from whole plants and only a natural whole plant-sourced supplement with the phytochemicals naturally occurring.

Food Sources of Vitamin A (as Carotenes)

An anti cancer diet will be rich in these food sources which contain high levels of carotenes: dark leafy greens, deep orange fruits and other yellow or orange vegetables such as sweet potato, turnip greens, mustard greens, parsley, papaya, mango, spinach, cantaloupe, kale, carrots, broccoli, apricots, watermelon, cherries, peaches, tomato and butternut squash. You should eat some of these daily.

In summary, load your anti cancer diet with carotene rich foods which aid in preventing cells from becoming cancer cells, eliminating cells which have already turned into cancer cells and replacing cells that are defective. The best sources of bio available vitamin A are in the form of carotenes found in whole plant food. For the best anti cancer supplements containing carotenes choose natural whole plant-sourced supplements with all the naturally occurring components in tact. More info on supplements to boost immune system and address cancer cells here.

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