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I found the ONDAMED®, which is pulse biofeedback, after experiencing EMF radiation poisoning. Because of 32 years of study in the natural health field, I knew the damage of the magnetic radiation altered my electromagnetic fields and so searched for the best way to correct those electromagnetic fields. What I found in this amazing machine has given me a quality of life during extreme health problems and the opportunity to help other people in a very unique way that lines up with God’s natural design. Very exciting to see how effective the body brings itself back to homeostasis when the electromagnetic fields are corrected.

Unfamiliar - But Pure and Simple

I’m a purist when it comes to health, believing the things that give us our best health, long and short term, without side effects, are the things which line up with God’s natural design of the body. The reason the ONDAMED® is so powerful for improving our health is because it contains all the frequencies - and ONLY the frequencies found in a healthy body.

God designed our bodies with very specific electro-magnetic field frequencies. Healthy tissue has those God-given frequencies while unhealthy tissue has different frequencies. Through feeling the pulse while scrolling the machine's frequencies, the frequencies of unhealthy tissue ‘choose’ the healthy frequencies which need to be applied. At each session, the strongest ‘spiking’ frequencies are applied for 45 minutes to an hour at a minimum of once per week. So goes the escalation to better health, as peeling an onion. Once the frequencies are corrected, the body is best able to ‘clean up’ and ‘jump start’ into healthy functioning tissue.

Technical Origination

ONDAMED®, which is Latin for ‘Wave Medicine’, has pioneered a technique whereby pulsed electro-magnetic fields are transported into the body via applicators. This process creates vibrations in the tissue, and it is this vibration that stimulates the natural systems of the body. An increase in the productio of ATP, which transports energy to cells, leads to greater cell migration and increased rates of repair. Each treatment is individually tailored by measuring pulse biofeedback to deliver the optimum frequency for each individual. There are thousands of frequencies available in hundreds of different devices, however, those deliver by the ONDAMED® are only those frequencies found in a healthy body.

Along with "jump-starting" cellular repair and regeneration, and bolstering ATP production, this device also relieves inflammation and pain, promotes improved circulation, wound healing, bone re-growth, provides lymphatic relief and improves immune functions essential to everyone's health and wellness.

Most are not familiar with the electro-magnetic field of the body or the frequencies that harm or correct it. But NASA has been using frequencies for decades to protect astronauts while they are outside the earth's natural source. The physical condition of early astronauts deteriorated severely while in outer space, away from the Schumann Resonance (the Earth’s frequency) and in the presence of strong magnetic fields of the space shuttles. The problem was solved by introducing the 'Schumann Simulator' into all space shuttles, a magnetic pulse generator mimicking the Earth's frequency. This demonstrates the simple fact that we cannot be healthy if disconnected from the "natural biological frequency."

Schumann Resonance is only one of thousands of frequencies delivered by ONDAMED® which helps strengthen, correct and balance the body's God-given electromagnetic field. Also, see more on 'Schumann Resonance' here: EarthCalm.
Why ONDAMED® Will Benefit You

Everything God created has a frequency, even music/sound, color and plant fragrances. Unfortunately, man has created many unnatural frequency interferences, along with injury and other factors, which disrupts the God-given frequencies causing disharmony and ill health. See my ‘Radiation Poisoning’ testimony to see the devastation possible as a perfect example of this. This is why I searched and found this amazing device that helps ‘put humpty dumpty back together again’. I don't believe I would have survived the EMF radiation damage which brought on six different cancers had it not been for this machine. Though not a complete solution to every health problem, it is certainly the ultimate in helping to solve the unhealthy frequency problems and has a positive impact on virtually every health situation.

My research into the different types of biofeedback showed this machine to be the very best for therapeutic purposes and I continue today to be extremely pleased with the choice I made - but also consider it to be the best investment I have ever made!

Check out Suzanne Somers' recent book 'Breakthrough' to see how she used ONDAMED® to help with her breast cancer recovery and lymphatic congestion. AND NOW - it is also in Suzanne's latest book 'Knockout' about Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer.

"The next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine." - as stated on Oprah by Mehmet Oz, M.D. - Director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Columbia University

Virtual Demonstration and More Info

Here is a video that will show a partial session taking place as well as scientific/physics graphing to help you understand more about how it works and the session procedure. Click here for ONDAMED® video.

ONDAMED® is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a Biofeedback Class II medical device, Cat. Neurology. In addition, it has been approved for use under the supervision of AAABEM, an Institutional Review Board, as safe for research or clinical testing as a non-invasive secondary therapeutic device in the treatment of pain, discomfort, or general malaise.

Find a Practitioner or For More Information

To find a Certified Practitioner of this amazing machine in your area or to see studies, literature and other videos, go to the official ONDAMED® website at www.Ondamed.net

If you are in the North Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area and would like to talk to me about Ondamed sessions, fill out the contact info below and I will get in touch with you. Or you can go directly to the official ONDAMED® company - the only place you can purchase this biofeedback machine - and speak to the Marketing Director at the website above and tell her Karen Holmes referred you if you don't already have a referring practitioner.

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