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Natural Health Information

Search these links for more natural health information and practitioners. Though I am not endorsing everything on each website, I have reviewed general information on these links and find them to be a great source of natural health info in their specific niche. - 'Aromatherapy For You' is your resource center for ideas and information on how to use essential oils, what to look for in natural aromatherapy products, natural skin care with aromatherapy oils, aromatherapy supplies and related health and wellness topics.

Alternative Medicine Practices

The following links provide some hard to find tools that I have found very instrumental in my journey to better health.

Radiation Detectors for Electric, Magnetic and Wireless Radiation

For EMF Protection that gives support for the immune system:

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Vita-Mix - My Favorite Healthy Kitchen Appliance

Needak Rebounder Mini-Trampoline

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